Thursday, August 7, 2014

Maybe Someday (book 60)

You might think I skipped book 59 but I actually read The Diviners by Libba Bray. I just couldn't wait to read Colleen Hoover's newest books and I never wrotet the review for The Diviners. I loved it though and I highly reccomend it!

Title: Maybe Someday
Author: Colleen Hoover
Goodreads Rating: 4.47
My Rating: 5!
Pages: 367
So, obviously Colleen Hoover is one of my favorites. I have read all of her full length books and I have loved every single one of them. The thing that made this book stand out from not only Colleen's past books but also any other book was the fact that this book had its own soundtrack. Both of the main characters were song writters and the soundtrack really tied together the whole book and made reading it even that much better. Going into this book I was expecting a pretty straight forward romancy novel. I was wrong. After I first met Ridge's character I kept having bookish nerd girl fantasies about how sexy his singing voice had to be. My dreams were crushed when I discovered (completely to my surprise) that Ridge was deaf and didn't even talk. The soundtrack lost a bit of its hype then because I oculdn't even pretend that the voice belonged to Ridge. The book picked up quickly and I could immediately sense the humor of the book and the chemistry between Ridge and Sydney. I loved the prank war between the roomates. It reminds me of my family on April Fool's Day. One of my absolute favorite lines from this book had to be the joke Risge made about forgetting that other people could hear his farts because he couldn't. I was dying laughing because it was so truthful and it was also something I had never even thought about. The line happened at the perfect time too because things were getting too serious and I needed a bit of comic relief. I loved the instant connection between Ridge and Sydney and I didn't immediately understand Ridge's inability to leave Maggie. I loved Maggie adn the drunk sleepover she had with Sydney, yet I didn't understand why Ridge wouldn't just decide. He either needed to tell Sydney to move out or leave Maggie. It wasn't until Maggie's hospital encounter that I began to see the whole story. I realized Ridge felt somewhat obligated to take care of Maggie. He wanted to be her hero even if she didn't want to be saved. He was loyal to a fault and it was driving me mad. If he never had any intention of leaving Maggie he shouldn't led Sydney on. At this point I began to accept that Ridge would never leave Maggie. I closed the book in dispair because I loved the bound that Sydeny had formed with Ridge. Just then I about had a breakdown. Looking at the cover I realized how stupid I was. The girl Ridge is kissing in the letters of the title has dark hair! LIKE MAGGIE! I felt a sense of finality that he would never leave her and I almost quit right then. Thankfully I continued to read. Maggie had the sense to see the fault in her relationship with Ridge and she called him on everything. Never has a character so completely addressed all of the thoughts I had been thinking and all the questions I had. She told Ridge that he wasn't in love with her anymore but more in love with the idea of her and his loyalty had kept him from leaving her. After that I just read in bliss. Ridge and Sydney could be together. I was so happy that they didn't get together as soon as Ridge left Maggie. Even though it was a mutual breakup, Ridge needed time to get over the relationship and completely commit to Sydney. When Ridge spoke to Sydney and she signed to him I cryed. It was so beautiful and romantic and everything I expect from the wonderful Colleen Hoover. Even the sex scene was like the most romantic thing I had ever read. I love you Colleen Hoover and I cannot wait to pick up Ugly Love. Signing off now so I can start reading the next wonderful Colleen book. I have a feeling I will need tissues.

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