Thursday, April 17, 2014

Attachments (bookk 35)

Last book of my review catch up posts is Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.
So obviously I expected a little bit to much when I started reading this book. I had really high expectation because I really enjoyed Fangirl and I thought this book would live up to the Rainbow Rowell hype. So the whole thing starts out with Lincoln who seems to be a pretty big loser. He is 29 and has only had one girlfriend, which broke up with him like 10 years ago yet he still thinks about her ALOT. He. Lives with his mom and plays Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday night with his friends. He describes himself as unattractive with a beer gut, even though " he doesn't drink that much beer". The you have the wonderful duo of Beth and Jennifer. You get to these two through their emails to each other and not a normal maritime style. Jennifer and Beth have these very personal conversations through their work emails, which is where Lincoln comes in. He works the night shift and is supposed to minister the emails and make sure employees aren't using them to send inappropriate emails. He enjoys reading Beth and Jennifer's emails because they are entertaining and his job is boring. After awhile thought Lincoln begins to have feeling for Beth because he likes her personality. Beth also likes Lincoln except for she doesn't know it's him. She just calls him her cute office guy. Which kind of confused me because her image of Lincoln was nothing like he described himself as. She sees him as tall and strong looking and handsome. I took Beth's word for it because normally people pass tough judgement when they view themselves, so in my mind Lincoln was a tall and handsome nerd. So pretty much they both like each other.And vawla romance... Except not. Beth has a weird rocker boyfriend and Lincoln is afraid to talk to Beth. The story drags on with them both liking the other person but never talking. Lincoln doesn't even know what Beth looks like until almost 2/3 through the book. It is kind of romantic though that he had feeling for her before they even met, just based off what she was like on the inside. So then finally when they are both single you think it will happen, they will finally meet only they don't. Lincoln quits his job and there is pretty much no hope that they will meet at work. When they do meet they end up not even talking but just making out in a movie theater and parting ways after the lights come back on. They finally do have a conversation where they both own up to practically stalking the other. I must admit though the conversation was a bit romantic but weird. Anyway, they have a cute mint relationship started and that is where the book ends. It took them so long to meet that the ending was way too abrupt. They only had two conversation in the whole book. The two they had were nice and left me wanting more of them. But of course I didn't get more because IT JUST ENDED! The only real saving virtue of the book was the humor. Jennifer and Beth are so hilarious and they remind me of random conversations I would have with my friends. I just wanted less of the build up then meeting and more of them actually being a couple. I understand that the book would have been really long if there was more of Lincoln and Beth but I just think it ended at a bad spot.

Incarnate (book 34)

Next is Incarnate from the Newsoul trilogy.
The reason I picked to read this book was pretty much based on how nice the cover looked. It is so colorful! The book picked up really quick and you met both main characters with in the first 20 pages. I was immediately able to pick up on the relationship between Ana and Li and see how everyone's fear of Ana had shaped her personality. To me Ana seems like she would definitely be Abnegation. That is the best way I can think to describe her. She feels as if she shouldn't be able to feel certain emotions like love and she risks her life to save Sam's right after she met him. She is also very defensive. Which is understandable considering how she group with everyone she met hating or fearing her. I figured out that Sam was Dossam right when Ana confessed how much she loved his music. I mean Sam is in the name Dossam. Their relationship starts out pretty friendly, although Sam is pretty protective of Ana. When the first mishap with kiss happened I was intrigued. Stef seems to be implying that Sam is a bit of a player: he dates around but never settles. I really enjoyed how their relationship moved slow and began with friendship. One of my favorite scenes was when Ana was comforting Sam after the dragon attack. I thought it brought them closer together when he was able to confess his fear and tell her about his past lives. When they go to the ball they both were able to find each other even with the masks on and I feel that means they are soul mates just like the two girls that were renewing their own vows. When Sam was arrested for supposedly trying to kill Ana I wanted to punch through the book and hit Li. I knew that she was the one trying to rip apart any hope that Ana had at happiness. When Menehem shows up I wanted to hurt him too. He runs out of Anna's life when she is little and leaves her with Li only to return 18 years later when he makes dragons attack Heart. I was so scared that Sam would be killed agina by dragons and that he wouldn't be reincarnated. I can't wait to read the next book and find out if more new souls are born.

Angelfall (book 33)

Next up was Angelfall the first book in the  Penryn & the End of Days series.
 When I read the reviews for this book everyone was commenting on the wonderful romance and how they couldn't wait to get more of Raffe and Penryn. I, on the other hand wasn't really feeling any romance at all. Raffe pretty much just treats Penryn as a friend until they get to the aerie. When they get there Penryn has to dress pretty much like a hooker to get into the club. This is the first time that Raffe even seems to notice Penryn. I don't think that that is romance. He only said she was pretty after she put on a short dress and makeup. If he really felt anything I think he should have shown it before she dressed up like a prostitute. When she kisses him he just brushes her off saying that he doesn't even like her. I didn't see any romance or feelings at all from Raffe until he thought Penryn was dead. That was actually a pretty heart wrenching moment. He thinks she is dead but really she is only paralyzed. For once he shows affection and holds her while he risks his life to deliver her to her family. I get that the reason he may not have shown his feelings until he thought she died was because of the "law" against angels being with humans. He may have only been holding back to keep both of them safe but I just didn't like how he only really showed interest after she looked all slutty. Moving away from the romance aspect, I really liked the relationship that Penryn had with her sister Paige. Paige just seemed like the cutest most innocent thing ever and I wanted to cry when Penryn found her in the aerie. She wasn't the innocent little girl anymore but I still felt like she was lovable. Sure she has razors for teeth and rips apart human flesh with them but she only did it to save her sister. In the next book I hope to see how their relationship grows since Paige isn't the helpless little girl that Penryn remembers her as. I also want to find out what the deal is with the creepy scorpion-angel things. Why are the angels creating monsters out of other angels and children? Why are they even on earth? I also can't wait to read about Raffe's reaction when he finds out that Penryn is alive. I think his reaction will reveal some of his rue feelings towards Ryn. I also want Raffe to get his wings back because it is sad to picture him as a broken angel with devil wings grusomely sewn to his back. I will read the next one soon but apparently I have awhile to wait for the third one after that.

Cress (book 32)

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I just haven't had a chance to post my reviews, so here come a few catch up posts. The first is the third book in the Luna Series, Cress.
Great. Just great. The beginning of this saga was amazing and it doesn't seem to be losing steam anytime soon. When I saw the cover I immediately knew that the fairy tale that this book would feature would be Rapunzel, which is one of my favorite princesses. The whole book I was pretty much imagining "Blondie" and Flynn Rider from Disney's Tangled because they both fit the description very well. When the group got split up I was just wanting to scream "nooooo!" Very dramatically. Of course once you finally have a happyish ending between Wolf and Scarlet they are split up. When Wolf finds out that Scarlet is missing, I was just a mess. He was so upset and angry that you could really feel what she truly meant to him. Cress's explanation of an Alpha perfectly summed up what Scarlet meant to Wolf. Then of course there is the whole thing between Thorne and Cress. I kind of like them together but I'm still not completely convince that he will ever be able to fully return her feelings. Their kiss when he thought they were going to die was the cutest thug ever. And then it became even more adorable when he asked if it was good enough because he didn't want to mess up her first kiss. Every girl needs a first kiss like that. Finally, Cinder and Kai were reunited! Of course it only really happened because she drugged and kidnapped him but that's just a minor detail. When Kai finally learned the whole story behind Cinder's identity and that she truly was trying to help I want about to start clapping. About time the air was cleared and Kai could truly open up to his feelings without thinking that he liked a criminal. And least but not least, is the very confusing Princess Winter. Jacin seems to have a little crush on her but I can't seem to figure out why. From what I have read about her so far, she is a child-like phyco, that has a lot of weird pets. She thinks the walls are bleeding for goodness sakes, she can't be considered sane. I can't wait to find out what he deal is. I also can't wait until Wolf and Scarlet are reunited because I'm pretty sure they are my favorite characters/couple of the series. But it looks like I have to wait at least another year to finish the series. :( I don't wanna wait.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Scarlet (book 31)

I really liked this book. The story switches from at least three different points of view (Cinder, Scarlet, and Kai). Some poeple don't like the shifting point of views but I loved being able to see each story develop and intertwine with the others. Ilike being bale to read about Cinder escaping and then reading Kai's reaction to it. When i started the book I was dissapointed that the story didn't immediately pick up where the first book left off with Cinder. It started off with a whole new character Scarlet. At first I wasn't that interested because i really wnated to be reading about Cinder because she had just found out that she was actually Princess Selene but I quickly got over that. Scarlet's story pick up very quickly and after a few chapters the story switched back to Cinder so we could find out what she was doing. Turns out while Scrlet was looking for her grandma, Cinder was busy escaping prison with another new character, Thorne. The stroies pick up so quickly and you are immediately thrown into the action. Right off the bat I knew this book was going to be even better than the first. I was quickly able to figure out the connection between Cinder and Scarlet's grandma and I couldn't wait for the two characters to meet up (which unfortunately didn't happen until the end of the book). I loved the relationship between Wolf and Scarlet. After Wolf brought Scarlet to his pack I kept chanting in my head, "Wolf is only pretendign to be a part of the pack. He does have real feelings for Scarlet. He is goint to help her escape." While the story of Cinderella was obvious in Cinder, the story of Red Riding Hood didn't play as big of a role in Cinder. I wasn't able to predict everythinng that was going to happen because the story was independent of the fairy tale. The only real connection was the characters; a girl in red looking for her grandma and a not so wolfy, Wolf. I loved the end of the book when Scarlet and Wolf are talking about his instincts, specifically his instinct to protect her. I can't wait to see where their relationship goes in the next book becuase it kind of ended at a critical moment for them. I also can't wait for Cinder and Kai to be reunited and to be able to read his reaction when he find out that she is the princess that he has been searchign for. I also want someone to kill Levana because she can't marry Kai. Cinder needs to come back and kick her but and be reunited with Kai.
Also, a bit of an after thought, I want to see what happens to Thorne in the next book. I really like how loyal he is to Cinder and how he doesn't seem to care so much that she is both Lunar and cyborg. If Kai and Cinder get back together then there will be no one for Thorne. I'm thinking that whoever the fairy tale damsel is in the next book will somehow end up with Thorne either romantically or just as a friend.
Which brings me to my final question... which fairy tale is Cress related to? Cinder was Cinderella and Scarlet was Red Riding Hood but I can't think of one that would relate to Cress. Anyone have any ideas? Don't ruin it for me if you already know!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Panic (book 30)

When this book started I didn't really believe the challenges or the fact that high school kids raised $67,000. Then I started to think that the challenges were pretty realistic for a bunch of high school kids in a small town. I also didn't know what to think about Bishop in the beginning of the story becasue of how Heather described him bu then when you saw how they interected from Dodge's point of view I started to really like the idea of Heather and Bishop together. That takes me to some of the other relationships. First of course is Dodge and Natalie. I wasn't really a fan of Natalie's. She seemed to always be playing someone to get something she wanted. She took advantage of Dodge and Heather in order to form an alliance in the game that would keep her in the running for the money. She was the weak link of the team and I didn't really like how Heather and Dodge had to keep encouraging her to complete the challenges. The game is called Panic! It's about facing your fears! Obviously if you are afraid of EVERYTHING you shouldn't join! Then you have Dodge and his sister, Dayna. I feel like Dodge was playing Panic for all the wrong reasons. He said that he was playing for his sister but even after she told him to quit he still wanted to do it. It was less about Dodge making up for Dayna's accident and more about just gettign revenge and ruining Ray's life. Totally twisted motivation but whatever. Then when Dayna starts to make some progress and even begins to like Ricky, Dodge can't be happy for her. He is jealous because his sister is moving on from Panic and he is still stuck obsessing about it. I kind of had ideas about Bishop's involvement in the game early on. About halfway through the book I had figured out that Bishop was a judge. I really liked how you got to witness Bishop's feelings about the game. He had to try and keep Heather safe while still keeping the challenges hard enough that no one would kick him out as a judge. I was happy when I found out that Little Kelly had actually died because he overdoased instead of being killed in the fire because I couldn't stand that Bishop felt so guilty about starting the fire. When it came to the end of the book I was a little dissapointed. The whole story was great and had all of these in deapth challenges and the last challenge was breezed over. It was like the book built up so much suspense and then it just sort of ended. The final challenge was limited to like two pages and after the challenge you only get a brief view of what Heather's life was like after she won. It didn't really show her making up with Bishop, it just happened. Overall the book was really well done because it made me have strong feelings towards the characters, I just wish the ending would have been a bit longer.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Cinder (book 29)

When I first started reading this book I was kinda confused about what exactly being a cyborg entailed. I wasn't sure if it meant Cinder was a robot or what. Then I realized being a cyborg pretty much meant that you were an amputee that had really awesome prosthetic limbs. It was really weird for me to think that the whole world was disgusted by these people who could only be concidered miracles or great works of science. I didn't get why people felt that cyborgs were not human. I also was expecting a little more romance I guess because the book was based off Cinderella. Sure it followed the plot of Cinderella pretty well; I thought it was hilarious when Iko called Cinder's car "a rotting pumpkin". Of course I knew right away that the car would be the way that Cinder would get to the ball. I really liked Prince Kai up until he found out Cinder was a cyborg. I mean seriously it's just a prosthetic limb for goodness sake, she isn't a freaking robot. Sure she lied to him nt just about being a cyborg but also Lunar but it's not like that changes who she was. Also the whole thing about Cinder being Princess Selene was the most predictable thing ever. A Lunar girl, who just happens to be the same age that Princess Selene would have been, and has no memory before she was eleven. Really, if you didn't see that coming you really must not have been paying attention at all. I know that when Kai finds out that Cinder is actually Selene he will most likely forgive her automatically and try to marry her so that he can get rid of Queen Levana and the two worlds can be at peace. I am excited to read the next three books because they will have less to do with scripted Cinderella story and I won't know what to expect from the book. Unfortunately I will have to wait until 2015 to complete the saga. Series really need to come out in one big package, like maybe all in the same year.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Throne of Glass (book 28)

So I have been hearing great things about this book from book vloggers and have been dying to read it. I was holding off so that I could marathon the series but I broke down and had to read it. When I started readin the book I kept kind-of comparing to The Selection series because of the whole challenge to win a place in the castle thing. I know the situations weren't really the same but that is what I thought this book would be like. I was expecting a really slow telling of the competition that would span over the whole series, so I was really surprised when I realized the competition would end in this book. When Celaena started having feelings for both Chaol and Dorian I didn't really know what to think. The first problem that I had with the romance aspect of the book was that you find out she has this past love, Sam, but you never really find out any of the story behind it. All you learn about Sam is that he is dead. Of course you can assume that he was part of the little assasins society with her but you never find out how he died. The second issue I have is with the whole love triangle thing. Love triangles kind of tend to get on my nerves because either I like both guys and can't choose between the two or the girl ends up with the guy that I don't like. This love triangle situation had to do with me not being able to decide who I liked more; Dorian or Chaol. On one hand Dorian and Celaena seem to have great chemistry. Dorian obviously has true feelings for Celaena but you can tell she is holding back. Chaol on the other hand is less forthcoming with his affection. In the beginning he believes that he can't be with Celaena because of her occupation. After he finally gets over that I think he is holding back because he sees the connection that Dorian and Celaena have. The reason I am caught up on Chaol though is because of what he did for Celaena during the final battle. He was right there encouraging her to stand up and fight. He couldn't bear to see her be hurt but he also couldn't interfere. He did the only thing he could and became her rock. After the fight when he killed Cain I began to like Chaol even more. Despite seeing Cain beat Celaena, Chaol still had enough humanity to feel bad when he killed Cain. He didn't know the truth of what Cain was doing to gain his strength so he trully felt bad about killing another man. Nehemia though knew everthing Cain was doing adn still onyl said, "after all he's done, I think he deserved Chaol running him through like that." NO DUH HE DESERVED IT! He was killing people with demons! The book was packed with constant action and it definatelt kept me reading. I don't like love triangles but I can't wait to see who Celaena picks in the next book. There are a few other things that I hope happen in the next book.
1. I hope Nox makes a reappearence because I really liked his character.
2. I hope we find out what the deal is with Sam.
3. I want to find out what Celaena's deal is with the king. I'm thinking he killed her parents but I wonder why she is so afraid of him.