Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Tower Challenge

This is a wonderful challenge that really tests how well you know you book shelves and how many different kind of books you have.
You have three minutes to complete the whole challenge. Some people have suggested spending 1.5 minutes looking for the books and 1.5 minutes alphabetizing them. Here are the books you need to find:
1. 1st book in a series
2. 2nd book in a different series
3. Book with blue on the cover
4. Book with 7 letters in the title. No more. No less. 
5. Book you've never read
6. A book with the sky on it 
7. An author that has the same letter of their dirt name as you
8. A classic
9. A nonfiction
10. Book with 4 or more colors on the spine
11. A book that says "#1 NY Times Bestseller" on the front
12. The smallest book on your bookshelf
13. The latest book you bought
14. A book that has a face on the cover
15. A spin off book
16. A book the was published over 10 years ago
17. A book with a sequel coming out next year
18. A book with an epilogue 
19. A book that has a title featuring a made up word
20. An author whose first and last name starts with the same letter

Feel free to skip books if you don't have them. Here is what books I had before I alphabetized them.
Here is what I was able to alphabetize, starting from the bottom and working my way up.and since I didn't have that many books to alphabetized I was able to put the all in order. Oh and by the way if the title starts with the word "the" in it you can sort it by the next word.

Now enjoy putting these books back where they belong I. Your shelves. If you want to see how someone else did, go watch PolandBananasBooks attempt the challenge. She is my favorite book tuber and this video is very entertaining. Hope you guys do better with this challenge then I did.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Walking Disaster (book 17)

To be totally honest this was probably the worst book I have read this year. I know that sounds totally crazy because I just wrote about how much I loved the story told from Abby's point of view. This problem with Travis's point of view was that I was literally the same book! There was no new information that wasn't already mentioned in Beautiful Distaster. When I read Losihg hope by Coleen Hoover, it was a rebelling if a story but it was amazing. It had new plot lines that filled in gaps and changes how I viewed parts of the first book. Walking Disaster had no mind blowing new tidbits of information it literally just retold the story. It also made me really have Travis in the beginning because he was acting like a total pig. I would recommend only reading one of the books. Maybe part of my dislike was because I read essentially the same book back to back but I was bored with this one because I knew what was going to happen the whole time. Either only read one or read one and then wait a significant amount of time before reading the other point of view.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Beautiful Disaster (book 16)

Seriously, if you haven't read this book yet you need to. Like now. I finished Stolen yesterday morning and immediately began to read this book. I loved it so much that I stayed up really late to finish reading it. It ain't a short book either, it's at least 300 pages.
Beware There Are Spoilers Because I Rant About This Book.
 At first I kinda hated Travis Maddox. He was a real dick. He kept having sex with other girls for a while into the book and I really started to hate him because Abby just seemed like second best to him. After they made the bet though I began to like him a little more... Until he brought home not one, but two bimbos while Abby was upstairs sleeping I his bed! Seriously!! Travis wasn't doing so hot in my mind but soon I really began to like him. He was a pedal to the floor kind of boyfriend. I slowly began to love him and his over protectiveness. I was screaming (in my head) at both of them when they wanted to brake it off because neither of them " were good enough" for the other. Seriouly just grow up and get over it. If they love each other as much as they say they should be willing to fight for it; which they did eventually but it took them long enough. I am currently just starting the sequel novel Walking Disaster, the story written from Travis's point or view. So far all it has done is made me dislike Travis all over again because I keep having to read about him sizing up every girl that walks by. I am excited to read though what happens when the drama kicks in to see what really happened when Abby ran off. Oh and by the way Beautiful Disaster is going to be made into a movie!! It is scheduled to come out in 2015. I already checked for a cast and can't seem to find anything (sigh). But everybody needs to read this book by next year before the movie comes out. I guarantee you will love it!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stolen (book 15)

I don't really know what to say about this book. When I first started reading it was repulsed by the idea that this girl, Gemma, could ever fall in love with tha man that kidnapped her, no matter how hot he was. To be completely honest, I was pretty bored in the beginning of the book. I mean sure she was kidnapped so it had some action and what not but then it kind of died out after the 20 pages or so. The only thing that was happening was her hating her captor. It hit a flat line for the next 150 pages. The only spoken in action was when we found out little bits if information about Ty, her captor. 

He opened up bit by bit showing that he was a normal human being with a really sad past. He really believed he was saving her from the corruption of the city. In the last 100 pages the story picked up so much I I was sucked in, staying up late to finish the book and see what happened. If you get bored with the book after the first 100 pages, don't give up!!! It gets so much better!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fangirl (book14)

I actually really liked this book. Normally in contempory novels if the main character doesn't met their love interest very early on I tend to get bored but this book kept me interested even though romance didn't play in until about 175 pages in and didn't really pick up for another 100 pages. 
 **spoiler alert**Despite that the book kept me interested with family tension and if course the casual family mental breakdown. The plot kept me on my toes  all of the way until the end of the book. Levi was just the most lovable character he was always smiling and happy yet he still was able to have his serious moments. I loved the way that he was reigning in his emotions for Cath because she wasn't as ready for a relationship as he was. He pushed Cath to really be the best person she could be, even if she couldn't see the potential within herself. I highly recommend this book for anyone that likes contempory novels but is looking for one that has a little more than just the average romance. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Darkest Minds (book 13)

Honestly, for all of the hype I've been hearing about this book I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong it was a good book but I was expecting more out of it. It is kind of like a new take on X-Men and parts of it seemed predictable to me. 
**spoiler alert**
I mean seriously, we all knew that at one point Ruby had to erase either Chub's or Liam's memory of her. Sure we didn't know if it would happen on accident or on purpose but we knew it would happen at some point. On the positive side the characters were totally lovable; except Clancy of course. I ached when Zu left the camp. I hurt when Liam was beat by the camp member that were under Clancy's control. And I straight up cried when Chubs was shot. In the end the book had such a cliffhanger ending that I broke down and ordered the second book. I know, I know I am weak but I can't resist a series with a heart stopping ending to the first installment. The big question is will Liam remember Ruby and will Ruby embrace the dark side?????

Losing Hope (book 12)

"I let everything I'm seeing sink in because this is what I want to remember the most. I want to remember exactly what she looks like the second she hands over a piece of her heart." -Dean

If you haven't read Hopeless read it before you pick up Losing Hope because it is the unofficial first to this accompanying novel. Both are really good, as is pretty much anything by Colleen Hoover. 
** spoiler alert ** This book was so amazing. Most books that are just from an alternate point if view tend to be boring because you already know what is going to happen but this book shared things with the reader they didn't know from reading Hopeless. When Holder found out that Les had seen Hope but not told him I was so surprised! I never saw that coming. I also loved that you got to learn how Holder dealt with Hopes disappearance. At the end when Holder asked Sky to call him Dean I seriously just melted. The book as a whole just provided the alternate point if view without just repeating what happened in Hopeless.

Fire Study (book 11)

** spoiler alert ** This was the best trilogy I have read in years!!! Yelena is probably the best heroine ever. She kicks ass but you can still relate to get feelings. It was also one of the best final wrap up books. It tied up all loose ends. I worried the whole series that Yelena's powers would turn out to be evil but the ending squashed any fears and showed how her magic was purely a gift. It also wrapped up the confusion I had about the commander and the weird transgender thing he had going on. The way Mara v. Snyder explained the two souls in one body this made me view the commander in a different light. Cahlil's story also finished on a good note. He didn't completely agree to step back and give up his dream of ruling Ixia but he did agree to taking a break and trying to earn his right to leadership. Overall a great book that kept me hooked and the characters were some of the best.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Magic Study (book 10)

BEST BOOK IV'E READ THIS YEAR!! This series just keeps getting better and better! A lost family. A hot guy. A plan to take over the kingdom. And a serial killer. What else could you ask for in a novel? Yelena is one of the coolest heroines I've ever read about. She is a kick ass fighter and a magician. Seriously?! The characters are so real that they seem like they are either your best friend or your worst enemy. Roze the head magician lady is one if the most bitter characters ever. She just seems to hate everyone and makes it her mission to make Yelena's life hell. I am in love with this series and have already started the third and final book, Fire Study! I can't wait to see how the series finishes but at the same time I don't want it to end, I just want to keep reading about Yelena's adventures.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poison Study (book 9)

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder was one of the fastest reads I've read in a while. The background is pretty much set up with in the first five pages, no waiting around to be introduced to main characters. Yelena is on death row for killing a man. Due to her country's code if the royal food taster dies, the next person scheduled to be executed is offered the job. The book immediately picks up the pace. Yelena begins her study of poisons and you are sucked into the story. The whole story is a maze of who is to be trusted and who is really loyal to you. Yelena doesn't know who to trust and it really keeps the story interesting; you never know who will turn out to have secret agendas. The book is also packed with action. Certain people don't like Yelena and that becomes even more obvious when people start trying to kill her. The effect is a story that kept me reading for long periods of time wanting to solve the mystery. Check it out! It also has two follow novels called Magic Study and Fire Study which I will be reading next!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Book Release

Ignite Me by Tarhereh Mafi is going to be realeased tomorrow (Feb. 4th)! It is the conclusion to the Shatter Me trilogy. The series has been great so far and I can't wait to see what happens next! What really is Juliette's ability? Who is to be trusted- Warner or Adam?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hollow City (book 8)

Hollow City by Ransom Riggs is the 8th book I have read this year. It is the much awaited sequel to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I thought Hollow City was much better than the first book. The first book was okay but Hoolow City went above and beyond my expectations. The peculiar people just kept getting even more peculiar. The plot kept me on my toes and kept me up late in the night trying to finish it. The ending had one of the biggest twists ever (the only other twist bigger was in the City of Bones when Clary found out Jace was her brother). The only problem I had with the book was one of the characters. Enoch was constantly getting on my nerves. I get that that was part of his character but I got to the point where I couldn't even stand him anymore. He was such a downer and was constantly being awful to the other characters. He was the only fault I could find in the book and I am very excited that Ransom Riggs is continuing the series. I can't wait to find out what peculiar thing the peculiar children will be up to in the next installment! Time to keep reading, up next is the Soulfinders trilogy (Poison Study, Magic Study, and Fire Study) by Mara V. Snyder. If you haven't read them read along with me and share you thoughts and comments on the next review.