Thursday, February 5, 2015

All the Light We Cannot See (a book based on a true story)

Now I know looking at the title of this post may be a bit confusing; this book is fiction but it is historical fiction and thus I used it to complete this challenge. All the Light We Cannot See, is based on World War 2 and takes place throughout Europe. I am not exactly sure how true the events in this book are but I know that the bombing of Saint Malo was a real event towards the end of the war. Since this book is historical fiction I thought it would be pretty cool to incorporate some pictures of the actual bombing.

This image shows a B-4 plane flying over the burning city.
        This one shows prisoners (men ages 16-60) from the city being rounded up by the German's.

I just thought these pictures are really neat and were worth including because they are scenes from the book. Now moving on to the actual reviewing part! I absolutely loved this book and the writing. It did take me longer than normal to read this book; not because it was boring but because the writing style was so rich that at times I just had to set down it down and think about what I just read. The author using incredible imagery and metaphors. I found it very interesting to read from the perspective of a blind girl because even though she couldn't see to describe what was going on around her, most of the time I was still able to visualize what was happening. I also really enjoyed the change of both the perspectives and the time shifts. I think they helped build the suspense and make a more well rounded story. This book  told a story of immense courage on both sides of the front and the story was just absolutely beautiful. That being said I think this book needs to be made into a movie, like right now. There were scenes in the book where I could not only see it on the big screen but I could also hear the music that would go along with the scene. For those people who have read it you understand what I am talking about, especially the "music" chapters toward the end where all the characters in different parts of the city heard music. Those scenes were made for film and I am dying to see them acted out before my eyes. ANY DIRECTORS/PRODUCERS REAING THIS, MAKE THIS BOOK INTO A MOVIE, NOW!...PLEASE?

This book also had one of the greatest endings ever. I'm not saying that I loved everything that happened but the way he author tied up every single loose end was amazing. I loved it when characters from different story lines meet and that happened in the most beautiful ways in this book. I highly recommend this book to every person no matter what age, gender, or even if you hate reading. Just read it people!

My Rating: *****

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