Thursday, August 7, 2014

Maybe Someday (book 60)

You might think I skipped book 59 but I actually read The Diviners by Libba Bray. I just couldn't wait to read Colleen Hoover's newest books and I never wrotet the review for The Diviners. I loved it though and I highly reccomend it!

Title: Maybe Someday
Author: Colleen Hoover
Goodreads Rating: 4.47
My Rating: 5!
Pages: 367
So, obviously Colleen Hoover is one of my favorites. I have read all of her full length books and I have loved every single one of them. The thing that made this book stand out from not only Colleen's past books but also any other book was the fact that this book had its own soundtrack. Both of the main characters were song writters and the soundtrack really tied together the whole book and made reading it even that much better. Going into this book I was expecting a pretty straight forward romancy novel. I was wrong. After I first met Ridge's character I kept having bookish nerd girl fantasies about how sexy his singing voice had to be. My dreams were crushed when I discovered (completely to my surprise) that Ridge was deaf and didn't even talk. The soundtrack lost a bit of its hype then because I oculdn't even pretend that the voice belonged to Ridge. The book picked up quickly and I could immediately sense the humor of the book and the chemistry between Ridge and Sydney. I loved the prank war between the roomates. It reminds me of my family on April Fool's Day. One of my absolute favorite lines from this book had to be the joke Risge made about forgetting that other people could hear his farts because he couldn't. I was dying laughing because it was so truthful and it was also something I had never even thought about. The line happened at the perfect time too because things were getting too serious and I needed a bit of comic relief. I loved the instant connection between Ridge and Sydney and I didn't immediately understand Ridge's inability to leave Maggie. I loved Maggie adn the drunk sleepover she had with Sydney, yet I didn't understand why Ridge wouldn't just decide. He either needed to tell Sydney to move out or leave Maggie. It wasn't until Maggie's hospital encounter that I began to see the whole story. I realized Ridge felt somewhat obligated to take care of Maggie. He wanted to be her hero even if she didn't want to be saved. He was loyal to a fault and it was driving me mad. If he never had any intention of leaving Maggie he shouldn't led Sydney on. At this point I began to accept that Ridge would never leave Maggie. I closed the book in dispair because I loved the bound that Sydeny had formed with Ridge. Just then I about had a breakdown. Looking at the cover I realized how stupid I was. The girl Ridge is kissing in the letters of the title has dark hair! LIKE MAGGIE! I felt a sense of finality that he would never leave her and I almost quit right then. Thankfully I continued to read. Maggie had the sense to see the fault in her relationship with Ridge and she called him on everything. Never has a character so completely addressed all of the thoughts I had been thinking and all the questions I had. She told Ridge that he wasn't in love with her anymore but more in love with the idea of her and his loyalty had kept him from leaving her. After that I just read in bliss. Ridge and Sydney could be together. I was so happy that they didn't get together as soon as Ridge left Maggie. Even though it was a mutual breakup, Ridge needed time to get over the relationship and completely commit to Sydney. When Ridge spoke to Sydney and she signed to him I cryed. It was so beautiful and romantic and everything I expect from the wonderful Colleen Hoover. Even the sex scene was like the most romantic thing I had ever read. I love you Colleen Hoover and I cannot wait to pick up Ugly Love. Signing off now so I can start reading the next wonderful Colleen book. I have a feeling I will need tissues.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Books 49-58

This is a list of the books that I have been reading since my last post weeks ago.
49. Everybody Sees the Ants by A.S. King
50. Of Triton by Anna Banks
51. Crash Into You by Katie McGarry
52. The Giver by Lois Lowery
53. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse (for school)
54. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larson
55. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
56. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black
57. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
58. I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

My favorites off this list were Crash Into You, We Were Liars, and I Am the Messenger. I will try and post reviews for all the books i will be reading in the upcoming months.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Book Thing of Baltimore

I know I haven't posted in awhile but it's summer and although I have been reading a fair amount of books I just wasn't up to spending time writing and posting full reviews for them. So to catch up a bit on what I've been doing I want to post about a place that is books heaven. 

Recently, my family and I took a trip to Baltimore and of course we did all the wonderful touristy things but the one thing that I had on my agenda was book related. A used book store just outside of the harbor area. I was expecting the usual used book store that sells half price books and I was hoping to find some books that I have been wanting to add to my collection. When we got there and I got a glimpse of the glorified garage and beaten up sign I had a feeling I would be disappointed. 

But then I looked around at the full parking lot and all of the people constantly going in and out. How could a bad book store get that much business? Simple answer: it wasn't a bad book store it was the best book store. 

The place consisted of about three rooms all stuffed full of bookshelves. I begin by browsing around the first room but I don't really see anything that interests me because it was mostly nonfiction books or textbook type reads. I had just began to browse the worn looking classics when my mom walks up behind me and whispers like its a secret, "all of the books are free". At first I thought I must be dreaming or something but looking around people are just filling boxes or bags with free books. 

I then decide that since they're free I might as well grab some antique looking classics. I then speed walk into the next room and find that it's all fiction. Knowing that I will find a bunch of books I grab a box from the pile in the corner and begin filling it. By the end if my spree I have twelve books. I had to stop there because 1) my box was full 2) my arms were aching from holding the heavy box and 3) everyone else in my family was bored and ready to leave. The only bad thing about the shop was that the books were only organized my genre and weren't alphabetized. I have been dying for a copy of Gone With the Wind and I was unable to find a copy. Here are the books I ended up getting in case you were curious.

(The little one on the end that is hard to see is The Hound of the Baskervilles)

Despite that the book store was easily the highlight of the trip and has to be the coolest bookstore I have ever visited. If you live anywhere near the bookstore I highly recommend a trip. Also if u have visited and enjoyed it or are just feeling generous the store needs money to repair their roof and is accepting donations at their website. 

I also hope to soon be posting a brief list of the books I have read this summer since I haven't been writing reviews. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dust Lands Trilogy (books 46, 47, and 48)

                    By Moira Young

I didn't write reviews for the two books that came before this in the series because they were rereads for me. I read them to refresh my mind before I read the concluding novel. In this review I am going to provide some background from the first two books before I dive into reviewing Raging Star. When I first started reading Blood Red Road I was a bit thrown off by the grammar and spelling errors. Soon I was able to read without them bothering me and I began to understand why Young wrote the way she did. It made Saba a more constant and reliable narator. The books are set in a post-apocalyptic desert world. There are artifacts from the past that have weird names. At first the names confused me. I couldn't tell the difference between the bolt shooter and the fire shooter. As I read on a began to skim over the names and just focus on the idea of the weapon. At the end of Rebel Heart I was angry at Saba. She was selfish: she forgot her sister was kidnapped, almost killed herself, slept with the enemy, she used Tommo's feelings against him, and lead Maev to her death. At the beginning of Raging Star I understood why her team didn't fully trust her. For the whole entire book I was focused on Creed and Tommo. I thought one of them was the traitor because of their hate for Jack and their distrust of Saba. I began to focus on Tommo though for a bunch of reasons. Saba said that Tommo was a better kisser the last time he kissed he and Molly had been sleeping with the traitor and teaching him what she knew. I thought that he got better at kissing because Molly ahd taught him. Tommo also had a bracelet that matched DeMalo's, I figured that was the symbol to the Tonton. He also had the twine. I was so sure that it was Tommo that when I found out it was Lugh I was beyond shocked. Emmi had been shot and was dying and I was already blown away and then Lugh turned out to be the traitor. The shocks kjept coming when I realized that Tommo was DeMalo's son, Lugh died, and I found out that Sabahad been pregnant but haad miscarried. In the end all loose ends were tied up. Tommo found his dad (even though he died right after). Peg built her flyign machine. Jack and Saba worked out their issues. Molly realized her heart's desire was Creed. Molly was pregnant with Lugh's son. Saba restarted New Eden including all people. All in all it was one of the best concluding novels in any trilogy.

City of Heavenly Fire (book 45)

This book stood up to all of my expectations for Cassandra Clare. She finished the Infernal Devices series so well that I was expecting alot out of this book and I can safely say that I was not dissapointed. One of my favorite parts of the book was that it combined characters from The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and the upcoming Dark Artifices. We got to meet Emma and Julian right off the bat in the prologue. I am so excited to be able to read the series as soon as it comes out. I am already loving Emma and Julian but inside I am screaming at them no tto become parabatai because if they do they can't love eachother. In the begining of the book there were so many referneces to Tessa that I couldn't wait until she popped up in the book. She protected the London insitute and was the reason that Jocelyn changed her last naem to Fray (F for Fairchild and the rest was based of Tessa's last name Gray). Brother Zacariah was also changed back into Jem. I wished that he could have told Emma that he was related to her so that she would have some kind of blood family. I don't really know what to say about the rest of the book because I had so many feels and they is just so much that happened. I was expecting alot of people to die and was kind of dissapointed that the only really big character to die was Jordan and he dies fairly early into the book. I am happy that none of my favorites died but it seems a bit unrealistic that during such a dangerous war none of the main characters died. Theonly other characters that died were Amatis and Raphael. Sebastian also died but before he died we got to see the person that he could have been if he didn't have demon blood. Jocelyn and Luke finally got to get married and Alec and Magnus got back together. Jace and Clary were perfect of course. Poor Simon though. He had to scarifice himself and his memories to allow his friends to get away. Izzy and Simon were doing so well as a couple and then he had to go and forget her. he said he still dreamed of her but the book ended and you never got to find out if Izzy and Simon worked it out and became a couple again. When the Dark Artifices come out I hope the characters of The Mortal INstuments pop up every now and again so I can see how their characters are doing. So excited! Cassandra better write faster!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sweet Reckoning (book 44)

This book was a great conclusion to the series. I think I might even go as far as to say it was the best in the trilogy. It tied up all loose ends and each character got their own little ending to their story.
1. Patti- Patti was kind of the rock of this demonic, rebelious group. She was one of the only humans yet she was one of the strongest people. She was always happy and ready to provide for anyone who needed help and love. She became a mother to Ginger and gave constant support to Anna and Kai during their rocky relationship. Her death was a bittersweet end to the series. Of course I was sad that Anna lost the only nother she had ever known but at the same time I felt peace. Patti was strong thoughout her capture and only had love for the Neph even when she was dying. The reason I accepted Patti's death was because Anna got to witness an angel coming down to take Patti to Heaven. I feel like her death was had a huge impacted on all of the Neph and it gave them the will they needed to fight the Dukes.
2. Belial- Belial finally got his happy ending and was reuinted with his fellow angels in Heaven. I guess you can technically say he died too and Anna lost her father but she knew this would happen if they succeeded. I really enjoyed Belial's character after he had taken the body of Big Rotty. I loved being able to see his mannerisms change when he changed bodies yet he was still himself. I think Anna will miss her dad but I would like to think that he would be able to contact her in some way in the future.
3. Jay and Marna- They had one of the saddest stories in this book. Jay and Marna finally expressed their love for eachother and of course something goes wrong. Marna becomes pregnant which eventually leads to her death. I had been hoping since they had rid the world of demons that Marna would live through her child's birth but sadly she passed. it was pretty sad knowing almost the whole book that Marna would die but at the same time she provided a light to the other Neph. Jay made the cutest boyfriend and the best father-to-be. Even though their daughter lost her mom she still had a great father and a great group of Neph for aunts and uncles. The only real question I had about Marna's daughters was whether she still had Neph powers. I know Anna and her friends did but I was hoping that she wouldn't feel the draw towards sin.
4. Kope and Z- They didn't really have a huge impact on this story but I was happy that Z got over her addiction and hate for men and eventually married Kope. Kope got over his feelings for Anna and found someone that truly loved him.
5. Blake and Ginger- Blake and Ginger also got their happy ending. Although they didn't get married they were finally able to be together without worrying about the Dukes. One question I had about them was,what happened to Caterina?Ginger said that Caterina could live with them but I was wondering how Caterina turned out and if she actually ended up living with Blake and Ginger.
Saving the best for last...
6. Anna and Kaidan- Anna and Kai were finally able to openly express their love. I was wondering how Anna would manage to hold off Kai and his advances while remaining pure but they found a way. THEY GOT MARRIED! I was a little worried when Kai wasn't all for the marriage at first but his reasoning was sweet. Their affection for eachother was adorable and steamy at the same time. I was also happy that Kai essentially got the blessing to marry Anna from both her real mother and her father. They also were able to have a family even though Neph can't have children without dying. They only went to adopt boys from Africa because Kai didn't want a daughter but then that little girl said he was her father in her dreams and he cried for the first time ever. I would like to think that the girl's dream was a message from heaven so that Kai would become her father. When they were all talking about what they would do first after they got rid of the Dukes I thought Kai was going to say have sex with Anna but he said the best thing he could have said. Instead he called the police to bust up the prostitution/trafficking ring that Marissa was running.
As a whole the book was fantastic! Every character got their ending, good or bad and Anna and Kai got the happily ever after they deserved

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Impossible Knife of Memory (book 43)

I guess I was expecting more out of this book. I was expecting a book about a person with PTSD, the effects it had on their life, and their inspiring recovery from the disease. Instead I got a book abotu an enabling daugther that allows her dad to drink himself to oblivion instead of seeking medical help. The daugther herself has some issues with memory which I understood but I thought certain components of the book could have been left out or should have been stressed more. Hayley had moments where the past would rip into the future often and that made sense but there was like 5 pages spread out throughout the book that were her dad's memories of the war. I think that if Laurie Halse Anderson really wanted to add those memories she should have added more to stress the horrors that he had seen. I also thought the book could have done without the "romance". It was categorized as contemporary on some sites yet I didn't get the feel of a contemporary book. I didn't get the good feels that I normally get from contemporary novels. I thought the relationship between Finn and Hayley was halfdone and lackluster. I never really felt anything when it came to them as a couple. I liked the idea of Finn's charcter (his nerdy quirkiness and all) yet I didn't really think he was essential to the story. I was also confused with the relationship between Trish and Hayley at first. Hayley's memories of Trish all seemes normal and fun until she left and then Hayley was unwilling to let Trish help her dad. I guess Trish used to be an alcoholic but she seemed to genuinly want to help and Hayley kept pushing her away. The problems with her dad kept building and he was unable to face the past. When she found him laying on the floor with blood around his head I had accepted the fact that her dad would kill himself and it was kind of anti-climatic when he just sat up. Apparently he was just laying in a pool of blood from his nose or something. Then at the end of the book she once again finds her dad ready to kill himself and this time I'm like "he better either do it or decide to get some help". Then it turns into this whole thing where Hayley is standing on an overhang of snow that is about to collapse. I couldn't really picture this. All I could think of was Wiley Cayote standing on a floatign pile of snow and it suddenly colapsing. It takes his daughter almost dying trying to talk him down from the edge of cliff for her dad to get help. I just thought that the story didn't connect very well and that it could have been condesed into a much shorter book. It was very drawn out and kind of depressing. It wasn't something I would ever recomend.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ignite Me (book 42)

** spoiler alert ** I thought this was a really good conclusion to the series but then again I was team Warner. I was happy with the ending but I bet a lot of Team Adam readers were a bit upset. By the end of the last book and during Fracture Me, I began to become more and more of a Team Warner person. By the beginning of Ignite Me I was completely sure of my choice. I had liked Warner before but after learning about his true motives and his true personality I forgave everything he did tobJulieete in the first book. I really loved how Juliette came to understand her past relationship with Adam. When I was reading Shatter Me I was thinking that of course she would fall in love with the first guy that showed interest in her and didn't die when she touched him. I was happy that she figured out that it wasn't really love but just an infatuation because Adam had been the first guys she could actually be with. I also liked how Warner reacted when he found out Adam was his brother at first he was mad but then he decided that they should put aside their differences and become a family of sorts because they both lived through similar abusive fathers. I enjoyed seeing how Warner reacted to James because it was cute to see how he behaved with a little kid. The only regret I have about the book was that it was the last one. Sure they won the battle and killed Anderson but it seems a little optimistic to assume they took control without any opposition or difficulty. I think it would have been better the extend the trilogy into a true series and explain how Juliette and her friends changed the Restablishment. I am sad to see this series end because Juliette and Waner were only together for the end of the book and I didn't get to read about them as much as I would have liked. I also would like to read about Kenji some more. That boy needs to get a girlfriend. I think he deserves to find happiness just as much a Juliette did. Kenji is a great character and I don't want to see his story end. Please Tahereh Mafi, write more books!
Ps. I was kind of hoping the Julieete would get to see a real bird in this book but I guess not :(
Pps. Really pretty cover!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

World After (book 41)

This book was kind of a let down after the first book. I'm not saying the first book was amazing but it had enough action and had such a big cliff-hanger that I expected more out of the sequel. Normally the first book does the job of laying the ground work that it doesn't have time for as much action and then by the second book you are just fully imersed into the world ad there is more room for actual plot. This book had lesssubstance and story than the first one did though. There were very few revelations and the ones there were weren't exactly mind blowing. Sure you found out that the scorpion monsters were beign made out of humans but it just wasn't enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. You findout that Belial is part of the angel politics but that could have been infered or figured out in the first book. Also there wasn't enough Raffe. he was such a strong character in the first book and there was a huge cliff hanger at the end of Angelfall when he thought Penryn was dead. I was really hoping that there would be more of him in this book. You got glimpses of him about halfway throught the book but Penryn didn't reveal herself to him until the very end. I was also hoping for more romance between the two of them. At the end of the last book Raffe seemed crushed that she had died and it also seemed like he regretted not opening up to her. When they were finally reunited I was hoping for more than the friendly relationship they continued. It was all this build up about Raffe being devastated that she was dead and all the build up to when he finally found out she was alive yet when he found out he did little more than hug her. There were moments where you could kind of see a developing romance but then it would snap right back into the "we can be friends but nothing more becasue I am an angel thing". Raffe didn't get his wings back yet either. Also Penryn's sister keeps getting weirder and weirder. It is getting really hard to see the cute little girl in a wheelchair that Paige was because no she is ripping people's throats out and eating it with her metal teeth. She is like a bipolar monster; one minute she is eating people's flesh and the next she is crying for "Ryn Ryn". There was also no further mention as to why the angels invaded Earth. I think this series is going to be very drawn out and that it will take a while for the reader to actually piece together any information. The next book isn't out til 2015 and I doubt even that book will answer many of my questions. I wasnt to find out what happens with this series but at the same time I don't feel up to reading anouther one of these books.

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1) (book 40)

Before I get to the actual reviewing part I would like to satisfy everyone's need for a little man candy. May I present how I picture the dashing demon, Roth.

Your Welcome. Now moving on to the actually awesomeness of this book. You just have to trust me when I say this book is just as great as Jennifer L. Armentrout's other books, this one just takes a bit to get into the world and understand it and the characters. At first I didn't wuite get how Layla fit into this world and what eactly the Wardens were. I wasn't quite sure how everything really fir together until Roth showed up at Layla's school. By that time I had a handle on the world and how Layla interacted with the other characters. At the beginning of the story I was internally groanign because I just couldn't handle another book about a love triangle. As the book progressed it was clear to me that Layla had distinct and seperate feelings towards both Roth and Zayne. Roth was the passion but I think the only reason she had "feelings" for Zayne at the beginning of the book was becasue he was the only other person who understood her completely and paid attention to her. Once I met Roth's character adn realized he had no insidious plans I was totally on Team Roth. I was ready for Layla to ditch her Warden upbringing and take on her demon side. I didn't really like the Wardens because Zayne seemed to be the only person who accepted Layla for what she was and even he wasn't willing to go against Warden rules to embrace her. He was williing to forget her the second o pretty, elidgable Warden girl came along. He ignored her calls when Layla needed him the most. Petr, her own half-brother, was trying to kill her in the woods and the only person who would care enough to save her was ignoring her calls. Thank God for Bambi (yes a giant, demon-eating snake named Bambi)and Roth because if it wasn't for them she would have been dead. Roth was the only one actually watching out for Layla and he was supposed to be a bad guy. One of my favorite parts of the book was when Layla and Roth went to see the seer. I was not expecting the seer to be a 9 year old boy and the image cracked me up. Tony was just like any normal boy, playing videogames and talking back to his mom, yet he had the knowledge to stop the apacalypse. When he told his mom that he didn't have to worry about his eyes becasue he had "seen" that his eyes would be fine, i was dying imagining this sassy little boy and the big bad demon having a conversation. After Roth and Layla found the key I was so worried that either the Wardens had captured Roth or that he didn't trust Layla anymore. I should have been worrying baout another demon catching him because that is what happened. That battle scene was beyond great. I loved that the concieted Wardens realized they were wrong about Roth. But then I was crushed because they were really proven wrong about Roth when he sacrifised himself for Zayne. He knew that Layla would be devastated if Zayne was taken to Hell so he sacrifised himself not thinking about how that decision would kill her too. Roth was not what you expected from a demon (caring, protective, and a gardener) and I hope that the Wardens truly appreciate everything that he did for them even when they didn't realize what he was doing for them. I am happy that Bambi was left behind just becuase she is bale to comfort Layla and remind her and Zayne that Layla is Roth's. I can't wait for the next book because I want Layla to go and get Roth back. He did nothing to deserve the fate he got and I want them to be together. The cover of Stone Cold Touch shows Layla with Zayne and I am just hoping that she doesn't end up with Zayne just because Roth was thrown into the depths of Hell. I mean obviously Zayne and Layla can never really kiss and that complicates things but I just want Layla to stay loyal to Roth after all he did for her. Team Roth and Bambi all the way.

Unravel Me (book 39)

Wow. Wow. Wow. That's all I can say. It has been probably about a year since I read Shatter Me and I finally had the time and devotion to read the second book in the series. I got so caught up in other books I was reading that I totAlly forgot about the Shatter Me series. I don't know how but it happened. The first thing I have to say about this book, that pretty much sums up my feelings, is Team Warner all the way. It might have somewhat to do with the fact that I haven't read Shatter Me in a while so I didn't really have any attachments to Adam when I Started reading this book but I feel like even if I remembered the romance with Adam from the first book I still would have changes to team warner about 2/3 of the way through this book. I loved being able to see the side of Warner that he keepers hidden from his dad. The side that takes care of stray puppies and can love someone like he does Juliette. As stated in past reviews I am a sucker for a bad boy changed to caring person/boyfriend. Warner began this process during this book and I can't wait to see what happens in Ignite Me. Juliette and Warner started to have this passionate relationship towards the end of this book yet Juliette feels guilty because she thinks she should be with Adam. I want Warner to show Juliette that he has is the person for her. I also want Juliette to be able to convince Warner that he doesn't have to be the monster that his father wants him to be. I want Warner to fight his dad and become the new and improved leader after he destroys his father's reign. Even though I want Juliette to be with Warner I don't want Adam to be alone. I think he and Kenji should each end up with one of the healers. I am really excited to see what happens in Ignite me and where this war goes. I can't wait to see who allies with who and where the relationships go.

Crush (Crash #3) (book 38)

I thought this was a great conclusion to the series. At the end of the last book I didn't think a proposal in their freshman year of college was a bit unrealistic. I was happy in the third book to find out that although they were engaged Lucy was in no hurry to be married before she finished college and graduated. I also liked that the book fast forwarded a couple years to the end of Jude and Lucy's college years. Jude was drafted into the NFL and Lucy was able to live on the west coast and still include dancing in her everyday life as a dance instructor. I thought their relationship in this book was the most realistic and had less to do with them being able to trust each other and instead was about them adapting to their life together as millionaires. The highlight of this book was definitely little Jude, I'm sorry I meant LJ. He provided endless entertainment and adorableness, from the time he peed in the plant to him holding cousin Annalise. I was dying picturing Lucy in the outfit that LJ had picked out for her and fell for his never ending cuteness that only a four year old can have. I loved the epilogue and how it showed that Jude and Lucy's relationship was still strong and it showed just how great a dad Jude was going to be for his little girl. If you are thinking of reading this series and you enjoyed Beautiful Disaster, you will definitely like this series.

Clash (Crash #2) (book 37)

I don't have a ton to say about this book because it was pretty short and it wasn't a hate it or a love it book. It fell in place pretty well with the first book. It continued the same frustrating relationship that began in Crash. This time there wasn't a manipulative jet of a guy but instead a very manipulative, evil cheerleader. Adriana Vix is one of my most hated characters. Sure villains in other books are bad but this girl was just awfull. I also really hated her because people like her really exist. In dystopias and fantasy novels the villains have magic powers or whatever that give them an advantage but this girl just has a twisted mind and really big boobs. She was always trying to get Jude to do things that he couldn't refuse just to make Lucy jealous. She exploited her role as "spirit sister" and used it to break apart relationships. The whole post game ritual crap about the shot made me want to rip that girl's hair out of her head, which Lucy practically did. Cheers to Lucy for standing up to the B and showing her that if Adriana ever tried to get near Jude again Lucy would gladly punch her in the face. Once again in this book Jude finds himself in a situation that when seen by Lucy looks a lot like he's cheating on her. At first I was really mad at Jude because of all the people he picked Adriana to cheat with. Then when Tony finally came forward with his story I almost completely forgave Jude because really the whole thing was a HUGE misunderstanding but by then I was kind of on board with Lucy's argument. The relationship her a Jude had was a rocky one where one of them was always losing their tempers. I soon changed my mind about that though and was back on team Jude. I loved how he ran to the airport to try and stop her (I've always wanted to see one of those romantic gestures at an airport) but then Lucy ruined it with her stubbornness. And much to my surprise the person to convince Lucy that Jude was worth fight for was of all people, her mom. Lucy went all out with a ginormous romantic gesture and I was worrying for a by that Jude had given up on her. I was so excited when she heard Jude's voice, I was so ready for them to get back together... But I wasn't ready for them to get engaged. I felt it was weird that one minute she was ready to end it completely with him and the next she was getting engaged to him. I thought it was too soon for their relationship and that they had way to many issues to work out. Despot that I thought the book was overall pretty good and I enjoyed the passion that Jude and Lucy had. I hope to be able to read the final book in the series soon.

Crash (Crash #1) (book 36)

I really have trouble with the Goodreads 5 star system because this book was between 3 and 4 but there is no star for that. The struggles of us poor Goodreads people, our lives are so difficult. This book is a really good, quick romantic read. It isn't really contemporary because it doesn't have that light airy feel but it is defiantly a read for when you need a quick romantic pick-me-up book. This book is for people who liked Walking Disaster. It is very similar but this one belongs to a series so you can enjoy the roller coaster of romance longer. I love these kind of books where the guy is a bad boy turned awesome boyfriend. Most girls have issues with the whole protective boyfriend thing but I find it kind of adorable (to an extent). I love the passion between Jude and Lucy. Sure it gets a bit frustrating when they keep fighting over misunderstandings. Some of their fights were a bit stupid but the whole Hooly issue I understood. Even Jude would have to admit that the situation looked really bad (he shows up at a trailer to greet a girl who has a baby named little Jude). Sure Lucy shouldn't have been following her boyfriend if she trusted him but I understand why she assumed what she did. I also don't know why Jude didn't explain to Lucy why he didn't want her to be friends with Sawyer. At first I thought he was jealous but he knew things about Sawyer that justified him wanting Lucy to stay away from him. The fact that Jude didn't tell Lucy that Sawyer was a rapist was selfish and put her in harms way. Sawyer was good at manipulating people and even though I didn't exactly like him I beloved his story until her tried to rape Lucy. He let Lucy believe that Jude was the father of Holly's son even though it was actually him. Sawyer said "some people just thrive off manipulating others" and I didn't even realize that he was talking about himself. When Jude told Lucy he loved her and then the book skipped to Lucy at college I was really upset that they never got back together. Then they went to the party and Jude was there I was beyond happy. He went to Syracuse just to be near Lucy and Lucy finally got to tell him how she felt. The fact that they were able to move beyond their family's past reinforced the strength of their relationship. I can't wait to read the next book and get my Lucy and Jude fix.

Catch Up Round 2

I haven't been posting any reviews lately because I just participated in my first Goodreads challenge and I spent all of my time updating that. So to play catch up I am going to post reviews for the books I read during my challenge. I also read some novellas (Fracture Me and Bittersweet Love) but I am not going to post reviews for them because I don't really plan on counting them towards by book challenge this year. So here comes a bunch of reviews. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Attachments (bookk 35)

Last book of my review catch up posts is Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.
So obviously I expected a little bit to much when I started reading this book. I had really high expectation because I really enjoyed Fangirl and I thought this book would live up to the Rainbow Rowell hype. So the whole thing starts out with Lincoln who seems to be a pretty big loser. He is 29 and has only had one girlfriend, which broke up with him like 10 years ago yet he still thinks about her ALOT. He. Lives with his mom and plays Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday night with his friends. He describes himself as unattractive with a beer gut, even though " he doesn't drink that much beer". The you have the wonderful duo of Beth and Jennifer. You get to these two through their emails to each other and not a normal maritime style. Jennifer and Beth have these very personal conversations through their work emails, which is where Lincoln comes in. He works the night shift and is supposed to minister the emails and make sure employees aren't using them to send inappropriate emails. He enjoys reading Beth and Jennifer's emails because they are entertaining and his job is boring. After awhile thought Lincoln begins to have feeling for Beth because he likes her personality. Beth also likes Lincoln except for she doesn't know it's him. She just calls him her cute office guy. Which kind of confused me because her image of Lincoln was nothing like he described himself as. She sees him as tall and strong looking and handsome. I took Beth's word for it because normally people pass tough judgement when they view themselves, so in my mind Lincoln was a tall and handsome nerd. So pretty much they both like each other.And vawla romance... Except not. Beth has a weird rocker boyfriend and Lincoln is afraid to talk to Beth. The story drags on with them both liking the other person but never talking. Lincoln doesn't even know what Beth looks like until almost 2/3 through the book. It is kind of romantic though that he had feeling for her before they even met, just based off what she was like on the inside. So then finally when they are both single you think it will happen, they will finally meet only they don't. Lincoln quits his job and there is pretty much no hope that they will meet at work. When they do meet they end up not even talking but just making out in a movie theater and parting ways after the lights come back on. They finally do have a conversation where they both own up to practically stalking the other. I must admit though the conversation was a bit romantic but weird. Anyway, they have a cute mint relationship started and that is where the book ends. It took them so long to meet that the ending was way too abrupt. They only had two conversation in the whole book. The two they had were nice and left me wanting more of them. But of course I didn't get more because IT JUST ENDED! The only real saving virtue of the book was the humor. Jennifer and Beth are so hilarious and they remind me of random conversations I would have with my friends. I just wanted less of the build up then meeting and more of them actually being a couple. I understand that the book would have been really long if there was more of Lincoln and Beth but I just think it ended at a bad spot.

Incarnate (book 34)

Next is Incarnate from the Newsoul trilogy.
The reason I picked to read this book was pretty much based on how nice the cover looked. It is so colorful! The book picked up really quick and you met both main characters with in the first 20 pages. I was immediately able to pick up on the relationship between Ana and Li and see how everyone's fear of Ana had shaped her personality. To me Ana seems like she would definitely be Abnegation. That is the best way I can think to describe her. She feels as if she shouldn't be able to feel certain emotions like love and she risks her life to save Sam's right after she met him. She is also very defensive. Which is understandable considering how she group with everyone she met hating or fearing her. I figured out that Sam was Dossam right when Ana confessed how much she loved his music. I mean Sam is in the name Dossam. Their relationship starts out pretty friendly, although Sam is pretty protective of Ana. When the first mishap with kiss happened I was intrigued. Stef seems to be implying that Sam is a bit of a player: he dates around but never settles. I really enjoyed how their relationship moved slow and began with friendship. One of my favorite scenes was when Ana was comforting Sam after the dragon attack. I thought it brought them closer together when he was able to confess his fear and tell her about his past lives. When they go to the ball they both were able to find each other even with the masks on and I feel that means they are soul mates just like the two girls that were renewing their own vows. When Sam was arrested for supposedly trying to kill Ana I wanted to punch through the book and hit Li. I knew that she was the one trying to rip apart any hope that Ana had at happiness. When Menehem shows up I wanted to hurt him too. He runs out of Anna's life when she is little and leaves her with Li only to return 18 years later when he makes dragons attack Heart. I was so scared that Sam would be killed agina by dragons and that he wouldn't be reincarnated. I can't wait to read the next book and find out if more new souls are born.

Angelfall (book 33)

Next up was Angelfall the first book in the  Penryn & the End of Days series.
 When I read the reviews for this book everyone was commenting on the wonderful romance and how they couldn't wait to get more of Raffe and Penryn. I, on the other hand wasn't really feeling any romance at all. Raffe pretty much just treats Penryn as a friend until they get to the aerie. When they get there Penryn has to dress pretty much like a hooker to get into the club. This is the first time that Raffe even seems to notice Penryn. I don't think that that is romance. He only said she was pretty after she put on a short dress and makeup. If he really felt anything I think he should have shown it before she dressed up like a prostitute. When she kisses him he just brushes her off saying that he doesn't even like her. I didn't see any romance or feelings at all from Raffe until he thought Penryn was dead. That was actually a pretty heart wrenching moment. He thinks she is dead but really she is only paralyzed. For once he shows affection and holds her while he risks his life to deliver her to her family. I get that the reason he may not have shown his feelings until he thought she died was because of the "law" against angels being with humans. He may have only been holding back to keep both of them safe but I just didn't like how he only really showed interest after she looked all slutty. Moving away from the romance aspect, I really liked the relationship that Penryn had with her sister Paige. Paige just seemed like the cutest most innocent thing ever and I wanted to cry when Penryn found her in the aerie. She wasn't the innocent little girl anymore but I still felt like she was lovable. Sure she has razors for teeth and rips apart human flesh with them but she only did it to save her sister. In the next book I hope to see how their relationship grows since Paige isn't the helpless little girl that Penryn remembers her as. I also want to find out what the deal is with the creepy scorpion-angel things. Why are the angels creating monsters out of other angels and children? Why are they even on earth? I also can't wait to read about Raffe's reaction when he finds out that Penryn is alive. I think his reaction will reveal some of his rue feelings towards Ryn. I also want Raffe to get his wings back because it is sad to picture him as a broken angel with devil wings grusomely sewn to his back. I will read the next one soon but apparently I have awhile to wait for the third one after that.

Cress (book 32)

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I just haven't had a chance to post my reviews, so here come a few catch up posts. The first is the third book in the Luna Series, Cress.
Great. Just great. The beginning of this saga was amazing and it doesn't seem to be losing steam anytime soon. When I saw the cover I immediately knew that the fairy tale that this book would feature would be Rapunzel, which is one of my favorite princesses. The whole book I was pretty much imagining "Blondie" and Flynn Rider from Disney's Tangled because they both fit the description very well. When the group got split up I was just wanting to scream "nooooo!" Very dramatically. Of course once you finally have a happyish ending between Wolf and Scarlet they are split up. When Wolf finds out that Scarlet is missing, I was just a mess. He was so upset and angry that you could really feel what she truly meant to him. Cress's explanation of an Alpha perfectly summed up what Scarlet meant to Wolf. Then of course there is the whole thing between Thorne and Cress. I kind of like them together but I'm still not completely convince that he will ever be able to fully return her feelings. Their kiss when he thought they were going to die was the cutest thug ever. And then it became even more adorable when he asked if it was good enough because he didn't want to mess up her first kiss. Every girl needs a first kiss like that. Finally, Cinder and Kai were reunited! Of course it only really happened because she drugged and kidnapped him but that's just a minor detail. When Kai finally learned the whole story behind Cinder's identity and that she truly was trying to help I want about to start clapping. About time the air was cleared and Kai could truly open up to his feelings without thinking that he liked a criminal. And least but not least, is the very confusing Princess Winter. Jacin seems to have a little crush on her but I can't seem to figure out why. From what I have read about her so far, she is a child-like phyco, that has a lot of weird pets. She thinks the walls are bleeding for goodness sakes, she can't be considered sane. I can't wait to find out what he deal is. I also can't wait until Wolf and Scarlet are reunited because I'm pretty sure they are my favorite characters/couple of the series. But it looks like I have to wait at least another year to finish the series. :( I don't wanna wait.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Scarlet (book 31)

I really liked this book. The story switches from at least three different points of view (Cinder, Scarlet, and Kai). Some poeple don't like the shifting point of views but I loved being able to see each story develop and intertwine with the others. Ilike being bale to read about Cinder escaping and then reading Kai's reaction to it. When i started the book I was dissapointed that the story didn't immediately pick up where the first book left off with Cinder. It started off with a whole new character Scarlet. At first I wasn't that interested because i really wnated to be reading about Cinder because she had just found out that she was actually Princess Selene but I quickly got over that. Scarlet's story pick up very quickly and after a few chapters the story switched back to Cinder so we could find out what she was doing. Turns out while Scrlet was looking for her grandma, Cinder was busy escaping prison with another new character, Thorne. The stroies pick up so quickly and you are immediately thrown into the action. Right off the bat I knew this book was going to be even better than the first. I was quickly able to figure out the connection between Cinder and Scarlet's grandma and I couldn't wait for the two characters to meet up (which unfortunately didn't happen until the end of the book). I loved the relationship between Wolf and Scarlet. After Wolf brought Scarlet to his pack I kept chanting in my head, "Wolf is only pretendign to be a part of the pack. He does have real feelings for Scarlet. He is goint to help her escape." While the story of Cinderella was obvious in Cinder, the story of Red Riding Hood didn't play as big of a role in Cinder. I wasn't able to predict everythinng that was going to happen because the story was independent of the fairy tale. The only real connection was the characters; a girl in red looking for her grandma and a not so wolfy, Wolf. I loved the end of the book when Scarlet and Wolf are talking about his instincts, specifically his instinct to protect her. I can't wait to see where their relationship goes in the next book becuase it kind of ended at a critical moment for them. I also can't wait for Cinder and Kai to be reunited and to be able to read his reaction when he find out that she is the princess that he has been searchign for. I also want someone to kill Levana because she can't marry Kai. Cinder needs to come back and kick her but and be reunited with Kai.
Also, a bit of an after thought, I want to see what happens to Thorne in the next book. I really like how loyal he is to Cinder and how he doesn't seem to care so much that she is both Lunar and cyborg. If Kai and Cinder get back together then there will be no one for Thorne. I'm thinking that whoever the fairy tale damsel is in the next book will somehow end up with Thorne either romantically or just as a friend.
Which brings me to my final question... which fairy tale is Cress related to? Cinder was Cinderella and Scarlet was Red Riding Hood but I can't think of one that would relate to Cress. Anyone have any ideas? Don't ruin it for me if you already know!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Panic (book 30)

When this book started I didn't really believe the challenges or the fact that high school kids raised $67,000. Then I started to think that the challenges were pretty realistic for a bunch of high school kids in a small town. I also didn't know what to think about Bishop in the beginning of the story becasue of how Heather described him bu then when you saw how they interected from Dodge's point of view I started to really like the idea of Heather and Bishop together. That takes me to some of the other relationships. First of course is Dodge and Natalie. I wasn't really a fan of Natalie's. She seemed to always be playing someone to get something she wanted. She took advantage of Dodge and Heather in order to form an alliance in the game that would keep her in the running for the money. She was the weak link of the team and I didn't really like how Heather and Dodge had to keep encouraging her to complete the challenges. The game is called Panic! It's about facing your fears! Obviously if you are afraid of EVERYTHING you shouldn't join! Then you have Dodge and his sister, Dayna. I feel like Dodge was playing Panic for all the wrong reasons. He said that he was playing for his sister but even after she told him to quit he still wanted to do it. It was less about Dodge making up for Dayna's accident and more about just gettign revenge and ruining Ray's life. Totally twisted motivation but whatever. Then when Dayna starts to make some progress and even begins to like Ricky, Dodge can't be happy for her. He is jealous because his sister is moving on from Panic and he is still stuck obsessing about it. I kind of had ideas about Bishop's involvement in the game early on. About halfway through the book I had figured out that Bishop was a judge. I really liked how you got to witness Bishop's feelings about the game. He had to try and keep Heather safe while still keeping the challenges hard enough that no one would kick him out as a judge. I was happy when I found out that Little Kelly had actually died because he overdoased instead of being killed in the fire because I couldn't stand that Bishop felt so guilty about starting the fire. When it came to the end of the book I was a little dissapointed. The whole story was great and had all of these in deapth challenges and the last challenge was breezed over. It was like the book built up so much suspense and then it just sort of ended. The final challenge was limited to like two pages and after the challenge you only get a brief view of what Heather's life was like after she won. It didn't really show her making up with Bishop, it just happened. Overall the book was really well done because it made me have strong feelings towards the characters, I just wish the ending would have been a bit longer.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Cinder (book 29)

When I first started reading this book I was kinda confused about what exactly being a cyborg entailed. I wasn't sure if it meant Cinder was a robot or what. Then I realized being a cyborg pretty much meant that you were an amputee that had really awesome prosthetic limbs. It was really weird for me to think that the whole world was disgusted by these people who could only be concidered miracles or great works of science. I didn't get why people felt that cyborgs were not human. I also was expecting a little more romance I guess because the book was based off Cinderella. Sure it followed the plot of Cinderella pretty well; I thought it was hilarious when Iko called Cinder's car "a rotting pumpkin". Of course I knew right away that the car would be the way that Cinder would get to the ball. I really liked Prince Kai up until he found out Cinder was a cyborg. I mean seriously it's just a prosthetic limb for goodness sake, she isn't a freaking robot. Sure she lied to him nt just about being a cyborg but also Lunar but it's not like that changes who she was. Also the whole thing about Cinder being Princess Selene was the most predictable thing ever. A Lunar girl, who just happens to be the same age that Princess Selene would have been, and has no memory before she was eleven. Really, if you didn't see that coming you really must not have been paying attention at all. I know that when Kai finds out that Cinder is actually Selene he will most likely forgive her automatically and try to marry her so that he can get rid of Queen Levana and the two worlds can be at peace. I am excited to read the next three books because they will have less to do with scripted Cinderella story and I won't know what to expect from the book. Unfortunately I will have to wait until 2015 to complete the saga. Series really need to come out in one big package, like maybe all in the same year.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Throne of Glass (book 28)

So I have been hearing great things about this book from book vloggers and have been dying to read it. I was holding off so that I could marathon the series but I broke down and had to read it. When I started readin the book I kept kind-of comparing to The Selection series because of the whole challenge to win a place in the castle thing. I know the situations weren't really the same but that is what I thought this book would be like. I was expecting a really slow telling of the competition that would span over the whole series, so I was really surprised when I realized the competition would end in this book. When Celaena started having feelings for both Chaol and Dorian I didn't really know what to think. The first problem that I had with the romance aspect of the book was that you find out she has this past love, Sam, but you never really find out any of the story behind it. All you learn about Sam is that he is dead. Of course you can assume that he was part of the little assasins society with her but you never find out how he died. The second issue I have is with the whole love triangle thing. Love triangles kind of tend to get on my nerves because either I like both guys and can't choose between the two or the girl ends up with the guy that I don't like. This love triangle situation had to do with me not being able to decide who I liked more; Dorian or Chaol. On one hand Dorian and Celaena seem to have great chemistry. Dorian obviously has true feelings for Celaena but you can tell she is holding back. Chaol on the other hand is less forthcoming with his affection. In the beginning he believes that he can't be with Celaena because of her occupation. After he finally gets over that I think he is holding back because he sees the connection that Dorian and Celaena have. The reason I am caught up on Chaol though is because of what he did for Celaena during the final battle. He was right there encouraging her to stand up and fight. He couldn't bear to see her be hurt but he also couldn't interfere. He did the only thing he could and became her rock. After the fight when he killed Cain I began to like Chaol even more. Despite seeing Cain beat Celaena, Chaol still had enough humanity to feel bad when he killed Cain. He didn't know the truth of what Cain was doing to gain his strength so he trully felt bad about killing another man. Nehemia though knew everthing Cain was doing adn still onyl said, "after all he's done, I think he deserved Chaol running him through like that." NO DUH HE DESERVED IT! He was killing people with demons! The book was packed with constant action and it definatelt kept me reading. I don't like love triangles but I can't wait to see who Celaena picks in the next book. There are a few other things that I hope happen in the next book.
1. I hope Nox makes a reappearence because I really liked his character.
2. I hope we find out what the deal is with Sam.
3. I want to find out what Celaena's deal is with the king. I'm thinking he killed her parents but I wonder why she is so afraid of him.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tiger's Voyage and Tiger's Destiny (books 26 and 27)

This is just going to be a brief rant about the books that I read over spring break. They were the last two books in the tiger's curse series. Of the whole series the first one was definitely my favorite but the fourth book comes in close second. When I was reading the third book there were a few hateful thoughts that kept creeping into my head. I mean seriously there has never been a more rocky love story ever. After Ren and Kelesy are finally reunited in the second book I wanted their relationship to stay the way it was and for Kishan to take on the brotherly/best friend til when it came to Kelesy. I am totally team Ren all the way. So then of course Ren has to sacrifice himself to be tortured. Kishan then decides he needs to steal his brothers girl. That's what really made me dislike Kishan in this book. Don't get me wrong I love Kishan because he is just so sweet but he needs to just be a friend to Kelesy. While Ren is busy being tortured by a madman Kishan is trying to put the moves on Kelsey and part of the time she lets him, did I mention that Ren was being tortured then. So they finally free Ren and I'm like okay, time for Kelesy to push Kishan aside and get back with Ren  because let's face it he's perfect... But he isn't perfect at the moment. To cause another bump in their relationship Ren erased his memory of Kelesy. Despite this he falls in love with her again (applause please) but as a result of some mental block any time he try's to get near her it causes him physical pain. Minor problem right. Until he decides that in order to keep Kelsey safe, he not only has to brake up with her but he has to try and make he hate him. This whole time Kishan still hasn't backed down and Kelsey has now pretty much given up on Ren and decided if she can't have Ren she might as well settle for his brother. Which is what she does, settle I mean. Even when Kishan proposes she doesnt feel for him what she still feels for his brother. But instead of putting herself out there since Ren remembers now she makes the safe choice and stay with Kishan. When they finally meet up with Animika/Durga Kelsey had finally come to terms with her feelings and is ready to confess to both brothers that she actually wants to be with Ren. But of course Durga decides she wants Ren. Then Kelesy saves the day (with no help from Durga, thank you very much) and Ren is even raised from the dead to come back to her. It all ends well when Kishan finally sees that Kelesy will only ever truly love Ren and volunteers to stay behind to become Durgas tiger, Damon. Finally, Ren and Kelsey can be together and to make the story end perfectly the scroll thingy is actually a letter from Kishan. That is what really made the book. Not only did Kelesy end up with Ren but Kishan was still happy with Durga and he was able to tell Ren and Kelesy that. Overall great great great. The only thing was that I wish there had been a bit more time to actually show the relationship that Ren and Kelesy ended up having. I also got halfway through two other books so I should be posting about them soon!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tiger's Curse (book 24)

This book is so freaking good! If you haven't read the book proceed with caution because there will probably be spoilers. I really like how the book started out with a friendship between Ren and Kelesy when he was a tiger. When Kelesy got to India I kept waiting for Ren to turn into a man and was really confused at first by their little walk through the jungle. When they started going on the quest to reverse the curse is when the story really gets interesting. I really love the riddle/hunt for a cure of sorts. This book did a great job of including Indian culture and explaining some of the myths. The myth part made the story that much more interesting. Next up is the whole love triangle thing. Normally love triangles are tolerable as long as the girl makes up her mind soon. The whole thing with Kishan kind of pisses me off. I mean he already stole his brothers fiancĂ©, which is what got them in this situation in the first place. You'd think he'd learn! I mean jeez! Lay off already. I think there is a reason that Ren is the white tiger and Kishan is the black tiger. Maybe because Kishan is evil?! When Kelesy starts to show he true feelings towards Ren I kind of jumped for joy... and then she ruined it. Why did she have to leave India and Ren. Although I was upset at the heartbreak at the end of the book I really liked Kelesy's explaination for leaving Ren. She didn't want I become his cage, she wanted him to make his own decisions. If she had to leave him for any reason I can accept that even though part of her reasoning was selfish because she didn't want him to hurt her, so she did it for him. For the next book all I hope is that Kelesy learns her lesson, gets back with Ren quickly, and has no confusing feelings for Kishan that would result in a terrible love triangle.  I just really like Ren.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Jade Series (books 20, 21, 22, and 23)

So for the last week I didn't have anything new to read so I re-read the Jade Series. I'm counting them towards my 100 book challenge because I took the time to read them, so in my mind they count. I'm not really going to write a review for them because if I did it wouldn't have my original reactions to the books. Instead I'm just going to give a brief overview of the books. So pretty much it's a contempory series but with a bit of a twist. The first book is pretty straightforward but towards the end the secrets start to reveal themselves. The second book is when the series really picks up. You begin to learn all kinds of secrets and the plot thickens even more. The whole series has a lot to do with politics and the consequences that come with money. The third and fourth books have a lot to do with the struggles Jade and Garret have to go through to stay together because of these consequences. I really liked the series because it is a contemporary series but it has a bit of flare that others lack.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Never Fade (book 19)

So Never Fade. I know I somewhat bashed Darkest Minds because I was expecting more, but looking back to it the book was really good my brain was just expecting amazing because of the hype I had been hearing. But when it came to Never Fade I loved it. You get to learn about some of the characters a little better and the action just gets stepped up. 
Spoilers follow! Don't continue if you haven't read the book I am about to ruin the ending for you if you ignore this warning. 
First off we meet Liam's brother who was kind exactly what I was expecting; show offish, somewhat jerky, but can be a friend if he chooses. Second, why Jude!! He was definitely my new favorite character ( besides Ruby and Liam of course). When I was reading that Jude was missing I was just hoping that like maybe he gave his shoes to some other kid and dropped his compass and that the body wasn't really his. I was making up all kind of theories as long as he wasn't dead. Why?! Why did he have to die! I understand there had to be a climax and that some character would have to die but why Jude. Why not Cate or Vida, or even (gulp) Chubs. I had already accepted Chub's death from the first book and I probably would have been able to handle it again but I can't handle Jude dying. He was the sweetest and most like able character ever. I understand the death but I don't accept it. The only real complaint I had about the book was Zu, Zu, and you guessed it Zu. Chubs and Liam talked nonstop in the book about looking for Zu and reuniting with her, yet we literally learn nothing new concerning her. We don't even know if she is alive for sure! She could he dead for all we know. I just wish we could have had an update on her. Not even finding her character, jousting knowing that she was alive and in Calafornia would have been enough for me. The next book is scheduled to come out in like September of this year so it better come out on time because I am not a patient person when it comes to book releases.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Top Ten Most Influential Books

This post is pretty much just going to be a list of the top influential books in my life so far, followed by a brief explanation of why. This list is not in the order of most influential to least influential because it was hard for me to pick. Instead I decided to make the list in order of when I read them ( more or less because I read so e of them a long time ago).
1. The Take of Despereaux by Katie DiCamillo: I picked this book because it was one of the first books that I can remember owning and reading multiple times. I probably read this when I was ten, so don't judge me because it isn't the greatest book, I just really like to read it.

2. Harry Potter (really any of them and if you don't know who the author is I'm pretty sure you haven't been alive for the past 12 years): This series was one of the first series I read, probably stating in about the second grade. They really taught me what it was like to truly love a character.

3. Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen: I really used to enjoy anything written by Sarah Dessen and this what probably got me interested in the young adult contemporary genre.

4. Lethe Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein: This book was one of the first non young adult books I read. It is narrated from the point of view of a dog and I read it because my uncle recommended it to me. It was the only book he ever recommended for me and I really enjoyed it.

5. Twilight (also an author you should already know): This the first series I read all the way through with no lapses between books. I sat on my bedroom floor and marathoned the series in about a week.

6. City of Bones (my favorite author, Cassandra Clare): This was the first book I actually bought for myself. After I finished it I ent out and bought the next two books to begin my collection of books.

7. The Host ( another by Stephanie Meyer): This book really taught me to love long books. I never wanted the story to end and the longer the book, the longer the story could last. Also I liked this one even more than Twilight. Don't judge this book by its movie!

8. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen: I honestly don't remember why I liked this book so much but it was really the first book I read that my mom recommended to me that wasn't a kids book.

9. Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: this book really drew me in and I just loved the world and the magic that was in it. It was another book recommended by my mom, another that I really enjoyed. 

And finally...
10. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini: This book will forever be one of my favorites. I read it for an English class and everyone in the class absolutely loved it. It really taught me the power and freedom that women have in America and taught me not to take that for granted. 

Those were my most influential books. Please comment with any books that had an impact on you.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ready Player One (book 18)

This is one of the first books u have read this year that wasn't a romancy novel aimed at girls. Anybody can read this book and like it.
I kind of have mixed feelings about this book on one hand I loved the story line and the characters but on the other hand it took awhile to really pick up and I didn't really understand many of the videogame references. In the beginning of the book there were a lot of 80's references that had little to do with the actual clues that made up the story. It was basically just a lot of random 80's trivia thrown into the beginning of the book. Around page 60 the book really picked up speed and got good. Parzival begins to figure out the riddles and the book becomes a fast paced scavenger hunt. I really enjoyed the riddles but I was a bit disappointed because the riddles were based off the 80's and I was unable to try and solve any of them myself. I had to wait tide Parzival to solve the riddle in order to make sense of what it meant. 
Spoilers follow. Only continue on if you have read the book.

My favorite part of the book was when all of the characters met up in person. I was bouncing I my chair when Parzival met Aech and he actually turned out to be a large, black girl. I also really enjoyed Parzival's spy skills he used when he was  in IOI. I liked the suspense of not knowing what his plan was and why he had himself captured. As a whole I really enjoyed the book but I wished it was based on more modern trivia that I would have been able to relate to.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Tower Challenge

This is a wonderful challenge that really tests how well you know you book shelves and how many different kind of books you have.
You have three minutes to complete the whole challenge. Some people have suggested spending 1.5 minutes looking for the books and 1.5 minutes alphabetizing them. Here are the books you need to find:
1. 1st book in a series
2. 2nd book in a different series
3. Book with blue on the cover
4. Book with 7 letters in the title. No more. No less. 
5. Book you've never read
6. A book with the sky on it 
7. An author that has the same letter of their dirt name as you
8. A classic
9. A nonfiction
10. Book with 4 or more colors on the spine
11. A book that says "#1 NY Times Bestseller" on the front
12. The smallest book on your bookshelf
13. The latest book you bought
14. A book that has a face on the cover
15. A spin off book
16. A book the was published over 10 years ago
17. A book with a sequel coming out next year
18. A book with an epilogue 
19. A book that has a title featuring a made up word
20. An author whose first and last name starts with the same letter

Feel free to skip books if you don't have them. Here is what books I had before I alphabetized them.
Here is what I was able to alphabetize, starting from the bottom and working my way up.and since I didn't have that many books to alphabetized I was able to put the all in order. Oh and by the way if the title starts with the word "the" in it you can sort it by the next word.

Now enjoy putting these books back where they belong I. Your shelves. If you want to see how someone else did, go watch PolandBananasBooks attempt the challenge. She is my favorite book tuber and this video is very entertaining. Hope you guys do better with this challenge then I did.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Walking Disaster (book 17)

To be totally honest this was probably the worst book I have read this year. I know that sounds totally crazy because I just wrote about how much I loved the story told from Abby's point of view. This problem with Travis's point of view was that I was literally the same book! There was no new information that wasn't already mentioned in Beautiful Distaster. When I read Losihg hope by Coleen Hoover, it was a rebelling if a story but it was amazing. It had new plot lines that filled in gaps and changes how I viewed parts of the first book. Walking Disaster had no mind blowing new tidbits of information it literally just retold the story. It also made me really have Travis in the beginning because he was acting like a total pig. I would recommend only reading one of the books. Maybe part of my dislike was because I read essentially the same book back to back but I was bored with this one because I knew what was going to happen the whole time. Either only read one or read one and then wait a significant amount of time before reading the other point of view.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Beautiful Disaster (book 16)

Seriously, if you haven't read this book yet you need to. Like now. I finished Stolen yesterday morning and immediately began to read this book. I loved it so much that I stayed up really late to finish reading it. It ain't a short book either, it's at least 300 pages.
Beware There Are Spoilers Because I Rant About This Book.
 At first I kinda hated Travis Maddox. He was a real dick. He kept having sex with other girls for a while into the book and I really started to hate him because Abby just seemed like second best to him. After they made the bet though I began to like him a little more... Until he brought home not one, but two bimbos while Abby was upstairs sleeping I his bed! Seriously!! Travis wasn't doing so hot in my mind but soon I really began to like him. He was a pedal to the floor kind of boyfriend. I slowly began to love him and his over protectiveness. I was screaming (in my head) at both of them when they wanted to brake it off because neither of them " were good enough" for the other. Seriouly just grow up and get over it. If they love each other as much as they say they should be willing to fight for it; which they did eventually but it took them long enough. I am currently just starting the sequel novel Walking Disaster, the story written from Travis's point or view. So far all it has done is made me dislike Travis all over again because I keep having to read about him sizing up every girl that walks by. I am excited to read though what happens when the drama kicks in to see what really happened when Abby ran off. Oh and by the way Beautiful Disaster is going to be made into a movie!! It is scheduled to come out in 2015. I already checked for a cast and can't seem to find anything (sigh). But everybody needs to read this book by next year before the movie comes out. I guarantee you will love it!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stolen (book 15)

I don't really know what to say about this book. When I first started reading it was repulsed by the idea that this girl, Gemma, could ever fall in love with tha man that kidnapped her, no matter how hot he was. To be completely honest, I was pretty bored in the beginning of the book. I mean sure she was kidnapped so it had some action and what not but then it kind of died out after the 20 pages or so. The only thing that was happening was her hating her captor. It hit a flat line for the next 150 pages. The only spoken in action was when we found out little bits if information about Ty, her captor. 

He opened up bit by bit showing that he was a normal human being with a really sad past. He really believed he was saving her from the corruption of the city. In the last 100 pages the story picked up so much I I was sucked in, staying up late to finish the book and see what happened. If you get bored with the book after the first 100 pages, don't give up!!! It gets so much better!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fangirl (book14)

I actually really liked this book. Normally in contempory novels if the main character doesn't met their love interest very early on I tend to get bored but this book kept me interested even though romance didn't play in until about 175 pages in and didn't really pick up for another 100 pages. 
 **spoiler alert**Despite that the book kept me interested with family tension and if course the casual family mental breakdown. The plot kept me on my toes  all of the way until the end of the book. Levi was just the most lovable character he was always smiling and happy yet he still was able to have his serious moments. I loved the way that he was reigning in his emotions for Cath because she wasn't as ready for a relationship as he was. He pushed Cath to really be the best person she could be, even if she couldn't see the potential within herself. I highly recommend this book for anyone that likes contempory novels but is looking for one that has a little more than just the average romance. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Darkest Minds (book 13)

Honestly, for all of the hype I've been hearing about this book I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong it was a good book but I was expecting more out of it. It is kind of like a new take on X-Men and parts of it seemed predictable to me. 
**spoiler alert**
I mean seriously, we all knew that at one point Ruby had to erase either Chub's or Liam's memory of her. Sure we didn't know if it would happen on accident or on purpose but we knew it would happen at some point. On the positive side the characters were totally lovable; except Clancy of course. I ached when Zu left the camp. I hurt when Liam was beat by the camp member that were under Clancy's control. And I straight up cried when Chubs was shot. In the end the book had such a cliffhanger ending that I broke down and ordered the second book. I know, I know I am weak but I can't resist a series with a heart stopping ending to the first installment. The big question is will Liam remember Ruby and will Ruby embrace the dark side?????

Losing Hope (book 12)

"I let everything I'm seeing sink in because this is what I want to remember the most. I want to remember exactly what she looks like the second she hands over a piece of her heart." -Dean

If you haven't read Hopeless read it before you pick up Losing Hope because it is the unofficial first to this accompanying novel. Both are really good, as is pretty much anything by Colleen Hoover. 
** spoiler alert ** This book was so amazing. Most books that are just from an alternate point if view tend to be boring because you already know what is going to happen but this book shared things with the reader they didn't know from reading Hopeless. When Holder found out that Les had seen Hope but not told him I was so surprised! I never saw that coming. I also loved that you got to learn how Holder dealt with Hopes disappearance. At the end when Holder asked Sky to call him Dean I seriously just melted. The book as a whole just provided the alternate point if view without just repeating what happened in Hopeless.

Fire Study (book 11)

** spoiler alert ** This was the best trilogy I have read in years!!! Yelena is probably the best heroine ever. She kicks ass but you can still relate to get feelings. It was also one of the best final wrap up books. It tied up all loose ends. I worried the whole series that Yelena's powers would turn out to be evil but the ending squashed any fears and showed how her magic was purely a gift. It also wrapped up the confusion I had about the commander and the weird transgender thing he had going on. The way Mara v. Snyder explained the two souls in one body this made me view the commander in a different light. Cahlil's story also finished on a good note. He didn't completely agree to step back and give up his dream of ruling Ixia but he did agree to taking a break and trying to earn his right to leadership. Overall a great book that kept me hooked and the characters were some of the best.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Magic Study (book 10)

BEST BOOK IV'E READ THIS YEAR!! This series just keeps getting better and better! A lost family. A hot guy. A plan to take over the kingdom. And a serial killer. What else could you ask for in a novel? Yelena is one of the coolest heroines I've ever read about. She is a kick ass fighter and a magician. Seriously?! The characters are so real that they seem like they are either your best friend or your worst enemy. Roze the head magician lady is one if the most bitter characters ever. She just seems to hate everyone and makes it her mission to make Yelena's life hell. I am in love with this series and have already started the third and final book, Fire Study! I can't wait to see how the series finishes but at the same time I don't want it to end, I just want to keep reading about Yelena's adventures.