Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Book Thing of Baltimore

I know I haven't posted in awhile but it's summer and although I have been reading a fair amount of books I just wasn't up to spending time writing and posting full reviews for them. So to catch up a bit on what I've been doing I want to post about a place that is books heaven. 

Recently, my family and I took a trip to Baltimore and of course we did all the wonderful touristy things but the one thing that I had on my agenda was book related. A used book store just outside of the harbor area. I was expecting the usual used book store that sells half price books and I was hoping to find some books that I have been wanting to add to my collection. When we got there and I got a glimpse of the glorified garage and beaten up sign I had a feeling I would be disappointed. 

But then I looked around at the full parking lot and all of the people constantly going in and out. How could a bad book store get that much business? Simple answer: it wasn't a bad book store it was the best book store. 

The place consisted of about three rooms all stuffed full of bookshelves. I begin by browsing around the first room but I don't really see anything that interests me because it was mostly nonfiction books or textbook type reads. I had just began to browse the worn looking classics when my mom walks up behind me and whispers like its a secret, "all of the books are free". At first I thought I must be dreaming or something but looking around people are just filling boxes or bags with free books. 

I then decide that since they're free I might as well grab some antique looking classics. I then speed walk into the next room and find that it's all fiction. Knowing that I will find a bunch of books I grab a box from the pile in the corner and begin filling it. By the end if my spree I have twelve books. I had to stop there because 1) my box was full 2) my arms were aching from holding the heavy box and 3) everyone else in my family was bored and ready to leave. The only bad thing about the shop was that the books were only organized my genre and weren't alphabetized. I have been dying for a copy of Gone With the Wind and I was unable to find a copy. Here are the books I ended up getting in case you were curious.

(The little one on the end that is hard to see is The Hound of the Baskervilles)

Despite that the book store was easily the highlight of the trip and has to be the coolest bookstore I have ever visited. If you live anywhere near the bookstore I highly recommend a trip. Also if u have visited and enjoyed it or are just feeling generous the store needs money to repair their roof and is accepting donations at their website. 

I also hope to soon be posting a brief list of the books I have read this summer since I haven't been writing reviews. 

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