Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yes Plese by Amy Poehler (a funny book)

I continue my reading challenge of 2015 by crossing off "a funny book". My funny book was Yes Please by Amy Poehler. This hilarious woman can not only play a pretty funny fake pregnant woman but also write an equally funny book. This book is made up a short stories about her road to fame and life lessons that she learned along the way. Her writing was so completely honest and that honesty was one of the most refreshing things about the book. She doesn't sugar-coat the truth but she does like to add a humorous sin. I recommend this book to any woman. If you want to break into an acting career this book has some tips. If you just had kids or went through a divorce, Amy can offer some good advice. Or if you are just looking for something fun and entertaining to read (with lots of pictures!) you should pick up this book. The only reason I gave this book four stars instead of five is because there was just something missing. The book was funny but I couldn't always picture Amy Poehler writing this book. If you want to get the complete experience you should listen to the audio book while looking at the pictures and extras in the actual book.


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