Monday, February 9, 2015

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll (a graphic novel)

This book was my first ever graphic novel. I wasn't really sure what graphic novel I should start with, but I have seen Jesse from Jesse the Reader on YouTube talking about this book, so I decided to read this one. I'm not sure if this was the best boo to introduce me to the genre but it's too late now. The book consists of five creepy stories all centered around the woods. The whole thing only took me about a half hour to read, so I really enjoyed the fast-paced nature. I also really enjoyed the artwork; each story started out with regular color art but when they got to the creepier parts, the art changed to black, white, and red. I thought the stories were interesting but overall they were just okay. My favorite one was "His Face All Red". The main reason I didn't like the stories was because they didn't really have the plot that I am used to from reading full length fiction. Most of them didn't have a resolution, which is normal for short stories but not really my favorite thing. Overall the main thing I liked was that it was a really quick read. If I pick up another graphic novel in the future it will probably be one that has a full length story. If you have a favorite graphic novel that you think I should try, comment below because I am interested in reading more from this genre.


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