Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan (a book by a female author)

I figured I use a romance novel for this category even though I have read a lot of other books this year that meet the criteria. Every once and awhile I just need to read a good romance or new adult novel. They always help get me out of reading slumps because they are always very entertaining and they don't require too much thought to enjoy. Every girl needs steamy romance novels to satisfy her book boyfriend needs. This book was exactly what I needed after I had a hard time getting through Redeployment. It was heart-wrenching and beautiful and had just enough sexy times. I loved the main male character Archer because of his innocence and adoration for Bre. I thought the situation of a mute character was unique and not a perspective I am used to reading from.


Holy shit was this story emotional and heart-wrenching! I don't think I have ever read a romance where the girl is more experienced than the guy and Archer's insecurities were heart breaking. His "guys night out" practically killed me. I was so mad a Travis for manipulating Archer and making feel insecure about his relationship with Bre. I was so upset when he felt forced to go into the back room to "learn" so that he could make Bre happy. Travis knew what he was doing and he played Archer in the hopes of ruining his relationship. I listened to this as an audiobook, and had just gotten to the part where Archer goes to Bre's house after the strip club before I got to work and I had to wait over six hours to get back to listening! It almost killed me having to wait that long to see how they fixed their problems. I was upset with Archer for listening to Travis and I just wanted him to explain the situation to Bre. I was also heart broken when I thought that he had gone through with it with the stripper and felt so bad for Bre. When they talked and Archer admitted that he hadn't had sex with her, I was beyond relieved. I began to hope that their relationship could go on smoothly. Of course that wouldn't make a very good book, so there had to be other bumps in the road. When ARcher was texting Bre and she wasn't responding I was just as worried as he was that she had been in an accident. I was worried that Archer would have to relive the death of his parents and lose the one person that he had finally opened up to. I understood that he had problems showing his love for Bre but I couldn't believe it when he left her. He left for months and never said anything to her and I thought that he wouldn't be coming back and that Bre would find him hurt in a hospital somewhere. I didn't expect him to come back when he did because it was pretty random but I couldn't complain that he finally returned. I liked that he took the time to try and become normal for Bre and conquer his insecurities but I wished he had at least let her know what he was doing. When Bre's father's murderer showed up and shot Archer I seriously thought he was dead. I thought the town meeting they had was a memorial service not Archer claiming his family land. I liked how the book ended with and epilogue five years in the future. I loved seeing his kids learning sign so that they could communicate with their dad. It was so sweet and a perfect ending. The only thing that caught me off guard was the fact that Archer never spoke; the book is called Archer's Voice but he never truly talked. I thought when he left for a few months that he was going to a doctor to see if he could have his vocal chords fixed. I kept expecting a Maybe Someday ending where the mute man finally expresses his love through words. Even though that didn't happen because it was too late to fix the damage I enjoyed the book and thought the title was a good fit.


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