Thursday, April 2, 2015

Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan (a book my mom loves)

As soon as I saw this challenge on the list  I knew that I would read Joy Luck Club because every women in my family, including my mom, loves this book. I enjoyed it but o wouldn't say I loved it. I thought the book was very unique and revealed a lot about the Chinese culture and how their women are expected to behave. There were a lot of surprises in this book about the women and the trials they faced in their lives. Each chapter revealed a bit more about their trials and past but the stories never really "entwined" live the back of the book said. I liked reading each story but if you enjoy a more plot driven book, this isn't for you. The main plot that I wanted to read about (June visiting her missing sisters) was only two chapters in the whole book and they were the very first and last chapter. I liked th book but it was mostly character driven which I don't enjoy as much as a book with huge plot twists.

MY RATING: ***1/2

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