Sunday, March 1, 2015

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han (a book that takes place in high school)

This afternoon I finished To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. Even though I mainly read YA, I don't read a lot of book set in high school because I mostly read fantasy or dystopian or new adult, which is normally set in college. This book was literally a rom-com in book form. I think this book would make a great book-to-movie adaptation because I love rom-coms but there aren't enough of them anymore. I really liked Lara-Jean; i thought she was the perfect high school character that had some experience in the world but was still a bit naive. She was funny and adorable and I loved her sense of fashion. I also liked the family dynamic and I was able to relate to her feelings towards her sisters.


The whole book I wasn't really sure which boy she would end up with; Josh or Peter. At the beginning of the book I was thinking "screw Margot, go for Josh" because he was just so sweet but after she found the letter Josh wrote to Margot I realized that it would never work out between them. At that point I wasn't exactly sure how things with Peter would turn out but every time he hung out with Lara-Jean and Kitty I began to like him more. When Josh kissed Lara-Jean, I got kind of mad at him because he had his chance to date her but he passed her up and instead dated Margot. It was unfair of him to put her in that situation, knowing that Lara-Jean would respect her sister and not pursue Josh. I was happy when Lara-Jean finally told Josh no and decided to finally go for Peter. I was beyond excited when Peter admitted that her liked her even though it was obvious he still had feelings for Gen. Lara-Jean was jealous of Gen but I understand how Peter still talked to her because after you date someone for that long, you can't just cut them out of your life if you see them everyday. When Peter came to the Christmas party to talk to Lara-Jean I was hoping they would work out their problems but then Josh had to barge in and Margot had to overhear the argument. I thought that Margot responded in a pretty shitty way. She was the one that broke up with Josh, so she really had no claim to him, yet she reacted terribly when she found out that he kissed Lara. I thought that she was a bit of a hypocrite and a bitch when she told their dad about the hot tub rumor. I am happy though that the sisters were able to work it out because the problem was a minor one. I hope in the next book that Lara and Peter have the talk that they need to have. I read the synopsis for the next book and I am not thrilled to hear that there will be another boy in the next book that Peter will have to compete with. I think he came a long way in this book and I think he and Lara just need to work a few things out. That being said, I can't wait for May 26th!

MY RATING: *****

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