Sunday, March 9, 2014

Never Fade (book 19)

So Never Fade. I know I somewhat bashed Darkest Minds because I was expecting more, but looking back to it the book was really good my brain was just expecting amazing because of the hype I had been hearing. But when it came to Never Fade I loved it. You get to learn about some of the characters a little better and the action just gets stepped up. 
Spoilers follow! Don't continue if you haven't read the book I am about to ruin the ending for you if you ignore this warning. 
First off we meet Liam's brother who was kind exactly what I was expecting; show offish, somewhat jerky, but can be a friend if he chooses. Second, why Jude!! He was definitely my new favorite character ( besides Ruby and Liam of course). When I was reading that Jude was missing I was just hoping that like maybe he gave his shoes to some other kid and dropped his compass and that the body wasn't really his. I was making up all kind of theories as long as he wasn't dead. Why?! Why did he have to die! I understand there had to be a climax and that some character would have to die but why Jude. Why not Cate or Vida, or even (gulp) Chubs. I had already accepted Chub's death from the first book and I probably would have been able to handle it again but I can't handle Jude dying. He was the sweetest and most like able character ever. I understand the death but I don't accept it. The only real complaint I had about the book was Zu, Zu, and you guessed it Zu. Chubs and Liam talked nonstop in the book about looking for Zu and reuniting with her, yet we literally learn nothing new concerning her. We don't even know if she is alive for sure! She could he dead for all we know. I just wish we could have had an update on her. Not even finding her character, jousting knowing that she was alive and in Calafornia would have been enough for me. The next book is scheduled to come out in like September of this year so it better come out on time because I am not a patient person when it comes to book releases.

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