Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tiger's Voyage and Tiger's Destiny (books 26 and 27)

This is just going to be a brief rant about the books that I read over spring break. They were the last two books in the tiger's curse series. Of the whole series the first one was definitely my favorite but the fourth book comes in close second. When I was reading the third book there were a few hateful thoughts that kept creeping into my head. I mean seriously there has never been a more rocky love story ever. After Ren and Kelesy are finally reunited in the second book I wanted their relationship to stay the way it was and for Kishan to take on the brotherly/best friend til when it came to Kelesy. I am totally team Ren all the way. So then of course Ren has to sacrifice himself to be tortured. Kishan then decides he needs to steal his brothers girl. That's what really made me dislike Kishan in this book. Don't get me wrong I love Kishan because he is just so sweet but he needs to just be a friend to Kelesy. While Ren is busy being tortured by a madman Kishan is trying to put the moves on Kelsey and part of the time she lets him, did I mention that Ren was being tortured then. So they finally free Ren and I'm like okay, time for Kelesy to push Kishan aside and get back with Ren  because let's face it he's perfect... But he isn't perfect at the moment. To cause another bump in their relationship Ren erased his memory of Kelesy. Despite this he falls in love with her again (applause please) but as a result of some mental block any time he try's to get near her it causes him physical pain. Minor problem right. Until he decides that in order to keep Kelsey safe, he not only has to brake up with her but he has to try and make he hate him. This whole time Kishan still hasn't backed down and Kelsey has now pretty much given up on Ren and decided if she can't have Ren she might as well settle for his brother. Which is what she does, settle I mean. Even when Kishan proposes she doesnt feel for him what she still feels for his brother. But instead of putting herself out there since Ren remembers now she makes the safe choice and stay with Kishan. When they finally meet up with Animika/Durga Kelsey had finally come to terms with her feelings and is ready to confess to both brothers that she actually wants to be with Ren. But of course Durga decides she wants Ren. Then Kelesy saves the day (with no help from Durga, thank you very much) and Ren is even raised from the dead to come back to her. It all ends well when Kishan finally sees that Kelesy will only ever truly love Ren and volunteers to stay behind to become Durgas tiger, Damon. Finally, Ren and Kelsey can be together and to make the story end perfectly the scroll thingy is actually a letter from Kishan. That is what really made the book. Not only did Kelesy end up with Ren but Kishan was still happy with Durga and he was able to tell Ren and Kelesy that. Overall great great great. The only thing was that I wish there had been a bit more time to actually show the relationship that Ren and Kelesy ended up having. I also got halfway through two other books so I should be posting about them soon!

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