Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ready Player One (book 18)

This is one of the first books u have read this year that wasn't a romancy novel aimed at girls. Anybody can read this book and like it.
I kind of have mixed feelings about this book on one hand I loved the story line and the characters but on the other hand it took awhile to really pick up and I didn't really understand many of the videogame references. In the beginning of the book there were a lot of 80's references that had little to do with the actual clues that made up the story. It was basically just a lot of random 80's trivia thrown into the beginning of the book. Around page 60 the book really picked up speed and got good. Parzival begins to figure out the riddles and the book becomes a fast paced scavenger hunt. I really enjoyed the riddles but I was a bit disappointed because the riddles were based off the 80's and I was unable to try and solve any of them myself. I had to wait tide Parzival to solve the riddle in order to make sense of what it meant. 
Spoilers follow. Only continue on if you have read the book.

My favorite part of the book was when all of the characters met up in person. I was bouncing I my chair when Parzival met Aech and he actually turned out to be a large, black girl. I also really enjoyed Parzival's spy skills he used when he was  in IOI. I liked the suspense of not knowing what his plan was and why he had himself captured. As a whole I really enjoyed the book but I wished it was based on more modern trivia that I would have been able to relate to.

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