Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tiger's Curse (book 24)

This book is so freaking good! If you haven't read the book proceed with caution because there will probably be spoilers. I really like how the book started out with a friendship between Ren and Kelesy when he was a tiger. When Kelesy got to India I kept waiting for Ren to turn into a man and was really confused at first by their little walk through the jungle. When they started going on the quest to reverse the curse is when the story really gets interesting. I really love the riddle/hunt for a cure of sorts. This book did a great job of including Indian culture and explaining some of the myths. The myth part made the story that much more interesting. Next up is the whole love triangle thing. Normally love triangles are tolerable as long as the girl makes up her mind soon. The whole thing with Kishan kind of pisses me off. I mean he already stole his brothers fiancĂ©, which is what got them in this situation in the first place. You'd think he'd learn! I mean jeez! Lay off already. I think there is a reason that Ren is the white tiger and Kishan is the black tiger. Maybe because Kishan is evil?! When Kelesy starts to show he true feelings towards Ren I kind of jumped for joy... and then she ruined it. Why did she have to leave India and Ren. Although I was upset at the heartbreak at the end of the book I really liked Kelesy's explaination for leaving Ren. She didn't want I become his cage, she wanted him to make his own decisions. If she had to leave him for any reason I can accept that even though part of her reasoning was selfish because she didn't want him to hurt her, so she did it for him. For the next book all I hope is that Kelesy learns her lesson, gets back with Ren quickly, and has no confusing feelings for Kishan that would result in a terrible love triangle.  I just really like Ren.

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