Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Tower Challenge

This is a wonderful challenge that really tests how well you know you book shelves and how many different kind of books you have.
You have three minutes to complete the whole challenge. Some people have suggested spending 1.5 minutes looking for the books and 1.5 minutes alphabetizing them. Here are the books you need to find:
1. 1st book in a series
2. 2nd book in a different series
3. Book with blue on the cover
4. Book with 7 letters in the title. No more. No less. 
5. Book you've never read
6. A book with the sky on it 
7. An author that has the same letter of their dirt name as you
8. A classic
9. A nonfiction
10. Book with 4 or more colors on the spine
11. A book that says "#1 NY Times Bestseller" on the front
12. The smallest book on your bookshelf
13. The latest book you bought
14. A book that has a face on the cover
15. A spin off book
16. A book the was published over 10 years ago
17. A book with a sequel coming out next year
18. A book with an epilogue 
19. A book that has a title featuring a made up word
20. An author whose first and last name starts with the same letter

Feel free to skip books if you don't have them. Here is what books I had before I alphabetized them.
Here is what I was able to alphabetize, starting from the bottom and working my way up.and since I didn't have that many books to alphabetized I was able to put the all in order. Oh and by the way if the title starts with the word "the" in it you can sort it by the next word.

Now enjoy putting these books back where they belong I. Your shelves. If you want to see how someone else did, go watch PolandBananasBooks attempt the challenge. She is my favorite book tuber and this video is very entertaining. Hope you guys do better with this challenge then I did.

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