Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Throne of Glass (book 28)

So I have been hearing great things about this book from book vloggers and have been dying to read it. I was holding off so that I could marathon the series but I broke down and had to read it. When I started readin the book I kept kind-of comparing to The Selection series because of the whole challenge to win a place in the castle thing. I know the situations weren't really the same but that is what I thought this book would be like. I was expecting a really slow telling of the competition that would span over the whole series, so I was really surprised when I realized the competition would end in this book. When Celaena started having feelings for both Chaol and Dorian I didn't really know what to think. The first problem that I had with the romance aspect of the book was that you find out she has this past love, Sam, but you never really find out any of the story behind it. All you learn about Sam is that he is dead. Of course you can assume that he was part of the little assasins society with her but you never find out how he died. The second issue I have is with the whole love triangle thing. Love triangles kind of tend to get on my nerves because either I like both guys and can't choose between the two or the girl ends up with the guy that I don't like. This love triangle situation had to do with me not being able to decide who I liked more; Dorian or Chaol. On one hand Dorian and Celaena seem to have great chemistry. Dorian obviously has true feelings for Celaena but you can tell she is holding back. Chaol on the other hand is less forthcoming with his affection. In the beginning he believes that he can't be with Celaena because of her occupation. After he finally gets over that I think he is holding back because he sees the connection that Dorian and Celaena have. The reason I am caught up on Chaol though is because of what he did for Celaena during the final battle. He was right there encouraging her to stand up and fight. He couldn't bear to see her be hurt but he also couldn't interfere. He did the only thing he could and became her rock. After the fight when he killed Cain I began to like Chaol even more. Despite seeing Cain beat Celaena, Chaol still had enough humanity to feel bad when he killed Cain. He didn't know the truth of what Cain was doing to gain his strength so he trully felt bad about killing another man. Nehemia though knew everthing Cain was doing adn still onyl said, "after all he's done, I think he deserved Chaol running him through like that." NO DUH HE DESERVED IT! He was killing people with demons! The book was packed with constant action and it definatelt kept me reading. I don't like love triangles but I can't wait to see who Celaena picks in the next book. There are a few other things that I hope happen in the next book.
1. I hope Nox makes a reappearence because I really liked his character.
2. I hope we find out what the deal is with Sam.
3. I want to find out what Celaena's deal is with the king. I'm thinking he killed her parents but I wonder why she is so afraid of him.

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