Friday, April 4, 2014

Cinder (book 29)

When I first started reading this book I was kinda confused about what exactly being a cyborg entailed. I wasn't sure if it meant Cinder was a robot or what. Then I realized being a cyborg pretty much meant that you were an amputee that had really awesome prosthetic limbs. It was really weird for me to think that the whole world was disgusted by these people who could only be concidered miracles or great works of science. I didn't get why people felt that cyborgs were not human. I also was expecting a little more romance I guess because the book was based off Cinderella. Sure it followed the plot of Cinderella pretty well; I thought it was hilarious when Iko called Cinder's car "a rotting pumpkin". Of course I knew right away that the car would be the way that Cinder would get to the ball. I really liked Prince Kai up until he found out Cinder was a cyborg. I mean seriously it's just a prosthetic limb for goodness sake, she isn't a freaking robot. Sure she lied to him nt just about being a cyborg but also Lunar but it's not like that changes who she was. Also the whole thing about Cinder being Princess Selene was the most predictable thing ever. A Lunar girl, who just happens to be the same age that Princess Selene would have been, and has no memory before she was eleven. Really, if you didn't see that coming you really must not have been paying attention at all. I know that when Kai finds out that Cinder is actually Selene he will most likely forgive her automatically and try to marry her so that he can get rid of Queen Levana and the two worlds can be at peace. I am excited to read the next three books because they will have less to do with scripted Cinderella story and I won't know what to expect from the book. Unfortunately I will have to wait until 2015 to complete the saga. Series really need to come out in one big package, like maybe all in the same year.

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