Monday, April 7, 2014

Scarlet (book 31)

I really liked this book. The story switches from at least three different points of view (Cinder, Scarlet, and Kai). Some poeple don't like the shifting point of views but I loved being able to see each story develop and intertwine with the others. Ilike being bale to read about Cinder escaping and then reading Kai's reaction to it. When i started the book I was dissapointed that the story didn't immediately pick up where the first book left off with Cinder. It started off with a whole new character Scarlet. At first I wasn't that interested because i really wnated to be reading about Cinder because she had just found out that she was actually Princess Selene but I quickly got over that. Scarlet's story pick up very quickly and after a few chapters the story switched back to Cinder so we could find out what she was doing. Turns out while Scrlet was looking for her grandma, Cinder was busy escaping prison with another new character, Thorne. The stroies pick up so quickly and you are immediately thrown into the action. Right off the bat I knew this book was going to be even better than the first. I was quickly able to figure out the connection between Cinder and Scarlet's grandma and I couldn't wait for the two characters to meet up (which unfortunately didn't happen until the end of the book). I loved the relationship between Wolf and Scarlet. After Wolf brought Scarlet to his pack I kept chanting in my head, "Wolf is only pretendign to be a part of the pack. He does have real feelings for Scarlet. He is goint to help her escape." While the story of Cinderella was obvious in Cinder, the story of Red Riding Hood didn't play as big of a role in Cinder. I wasn't able to predict everythinng that was going to happen because the story was independent of the fairy tale. The only real connection was the characters; a girl in red looking for her grandma and a not so wolfy, Wolf. I loved the end of the book when Scarlet and Wolf are talking about his instincts, specifically his instinct to protect her. I can't wait to see where their relationship goes in the next book becuase it kind of ended at a critical moment for them. I also can't wait for Cinder and Kai to be reunited and to be able to read his reaction when he find out that she is the princess that he has been searchign for. I also want someone to kill Levana because she can't marry Kai. Cinder needs to come back and kick her but and be reunited with Kai.
Also, a bit of an after thought, I want to see what happens to Thorne in the next book. I really like how loyal he is to Cinder and how he doesn't seem to care so much that she is both Lunar and cyborg. If Kai and Cinder get back together then there will be no one for Thorne. I'm thinking that whoever the fairy tale damsel is in the next book will somehow end up with Thorne either romantically or just as a friend.
Which brings me to my final question... which fairy tale is Cress related to? Cinder was Cinderella and Scarlet was Red Riding Hood but I can't think of one that would relate to Cress. Anyone have any ideas? Don't ruin it for me if you already know!

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