Thursday, April 17, 2014

Angelfall (book 33)

Next up was Angelfall the first book in the  Penryn & the End of Days series.
 When I read the reviews for this book everyone was commenting on the wonderful romance and how they couldn't wait to get more of Raffe and Penryn. I, on the other hand wasn't really feeling any romance at all. Raffe pretty much just treats Penryn as a friend until they get to the aerie. When they get there Penryn has to dress pretty much like a hooker to get into the club. This is the first time that Raffe even seems to notice Penryn. I don't think that that is romance. He only said she was pretty after she put on a short dress and makeup. If he really felt anything I think he should have shown it before she dressed up like a prostitute. When she kisses him he just brushes her off saying that he doesn't even like her. I didn't see any romance or feelings at all from Raffe until he thought Penryn was dead. That was actually a pretty heart wrenching moment. He thinks she is dead but really she is only paralyzed. For once he shows affection and holds her while he risks his life to deliver her to her family. I get that the reason he may not have shown his feelings until he thought she died was because of the "law" against angels being with humans. He may have only been holding back to keep both of them safe but I just didn't like how he only really showed interest after she looked all slutty. Moving away from the romance aspect, I really liked the relationship that Penryn had with her sister Paige. Paige just seemed like the cutest most innocent thing ever and I wanted to cry when Penryn found her in the aerie. She wasn't the innocent little girl anymore but I still felt like she was lovable. Sure she has razors for teeth and rips apart human flesh with them but she only did it to save her sister. In the next book I hope to see how their relationship grows since Paige isn't the helpless little girl that Penryn remembers her as. I also want to find out what the deal is with the creepy scorpion-angel things. Why are the angels creating monsters out of other angels and children? Why are they even on earth? I also can't wait to read about Raffe's reaction when he finds out that Penryn is alive. I think his reaction will reveal some of his rue feelings towards Ryn. I also want Raffe to get his wings back because it is sad to picture him as a broken angel with devil wings grusomely sewn to his back. I will read the next one soon but apparently I have awhile to wait for the third one after that.

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