Thursday, April 17, 2014

Incarnate (book 34)

Next is Incarnate from the Newsoul trilogy.
The reason I picked to read this book was pretty much based on how nice the cover looked. It is so colorful! The book picked up really quick and you met both main characters with in the first 20 pages. I was immediately able to pick up on the relationship between Ana and Li and see how everyone's fear of Ana had shaped her personality. To me Ana seems like she would definitely be Abnegation. That is the best way I can think to describe her. She feels as if she shouldn't be able to feel certain emotions like love and she risks her life to save Sam's right after she met him. She is also very defensive. Which is understandable considering how she group with everyone she met hating or fearing her. I figured out that Sam was Dossam right when Ana confessed how much she loved his music. I mean Sam is in the name Dossam. Their relationship starts out pretty friendly, although Sam is pretty protective of Ana. When the first mishap with kiss happened I was intrigued. Stef seems to be implying that Sam is a bit of a player: he dates around but never settles. I really enjoyed how their relationship moved slow and began with friendship. One of my favorite scenes was when Ana was comforting Sam after the dragon attack. I thought it brought them closer together when he was able to confess his fear and tell her about his past lives. When they go to the ball they both were able to find each other even with the masks on and I feel that means they are soul mates just like the two girls that were renewing their own vows. When Sam was arrested for supposedly trying to kill Ana I wanted to punch through the book and hit Li. I knew that she was the one trying to rip apart any hope that Ana had at happiness. When Menehem shows up I wanted to hurt him too. He runs out of Anna's life when she is little and leaves her with Li only to return 18 years later when he makes dragons attack Heart. I was so scared that Sam would be killed agina by dragons and that he wouldn't be reincarnated. I can't wait to read the next book and find out if more new souls are born.

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