Sunday, April 6, 2014

Panic (book 30)

When this book started I didn't really believe the challenges or the fact that high school kids raised $67,000. Then I started to think that the challenges were pretty realistic for a bunch of high school kids in a small town. I also didn't know what to think about Bishop in the beginning of the story becasue of how Heather described him bu then when you saw how they interected from Dodge's point of view I started to really like the idea of Heather and Bishop together. That takes me to some of the other relationships. First of course is Dodge and Natalie. I wasn't really a fan of Natalie's. She seemed to always be playing someone to get something she wanted. She took advantage of Dodge and Heather in order to form an alliance in the game that would keep her in the running for the money. She was the weak link of the team and I didn't really like how Heather and Dodge had to keep encouraging her to complete the challenges. The game is called Panic! It's about facing your fears! Obviously if you are afraid of EVERYTHING you shouldn't join! Then you have Dodge and his sister, Dayna. I feel like Dodge was playing Panic for all the wrong reasons. He said that he was playing for his sister but even after she told him to quit he still wanted to do it. It was less about Dodge making up for Dayna's accident and more about just gettign revenge and ruining Ray's life. Totally twisted motivation but whatever. Then when Dayna starts to make some progress and even begins to like Ricky, Dodge can't be happy for her. He is jealous because his sister is moving on from Panic and he is still stuck obsessing about it. I kind of had ideas about Bishop's involvement in the game early on. About halfway through the book I had figured out that Bishop was a judge. I really liked how you got to witness Bishop's feelings about the game. He had to try and keep Heather safe while still keeping the challenges hard enough that no one would kick him out as a judge. I was happy when I found out that Little Kelly had actually died because he overdoased instead of being killed in the fire because I couldn't stand that Bishop felt so guilty about starting the fire. When it came to the end of the book I was a little dissapointed. The whole story was great and had all of these in deapth challenges and the last challenge was breezed over. It was like the book built up so much suspense and then it just sort of ended. The final challenge was limited to like two pages and after the challenge you only get a brief view of what Heather's life was like after she won. It didn't really show her making up with Bishop, it just happened. Overall the book was really well done because it made me have strong feelings towards the characters, I just wish the ending would have been a bit longer.


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