Thursday, April 17, 2014

Attachments (bookk 35)

Last book of my review catch up posts is Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.
So obviously I expected a little bit to much when I started reading this book. I had really high expectation because I really enjoyed Fangirl and I thought this book would live up to the Rainbow Rowell hype. So the whole thing starts out with Lincoln who seems to be a pretty big loser. He is 29 and has only had one girlfriend, which broke up with him like 10 years ago yet he still thinks about her ALOT. He. Lives with his mom and plays Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday night with his friends. He describes himself as unattractive with a beer gut, even though " he doesn't drink that much beer". The you have the wonderful duo of Beth and Jennifer. You get to these two through their emails to each other and not a normal maritime style. Jennifer and Beth have these very personal conversations through their work emails, which is where Lincoln comes in. He works the night shift and is supposed to minister the emails and make sure employees aren't using them to send inappropriate emails. He enjoys reading Beth and Jennifer's emails because they are entertaining and his job is boring. After awhile thought Lincoln begins to have feeling for Beth because he likes her personality. Beth also likes Lincoln except for she doesn't know it's him. She just calls him her cute office guy. Which kind of confused me because her image of Lincoln was nothing like he described himself as. She sees him as tall and strong looking and handsome. I took Beth's word for it because normally people pass tough judgement when they view themselves, so in my mind Lincoln was a tall and handsome nerd. So pretty much they both like each other.And vawla romance... Except not. Beth has a weird rocker boyfriend and Lincoln is afraid to talk to Beth. The story drags on with them both liking the other person but never talking. Lincoln doesn't even know what Beth looks like until almost 2/3 through the book. It is kind of romantic though that he had feeling for her before they even met, just based off what she was like on the inside. So then finally when they are both single you think it will happen, they will finally meet only they don't. Lincoln quits his job and there is pretty much no hope that they will meet at work. When they do meet they end up not even talking but just making out in a movie theater and parting ways after the lights come back on. They finally do have a conversation where they both own up to practically stalking the other. I must admit though the conversation was a bit romantic but weird. Anyway, they have a cute mint relationship started and that is where the book ends. It took them so long to meet that the ending was way too abrupt. They only had two conversation in the whole book. The two they had were nice and left me wanting more of them. But of course I didn't get more because IT JUST ENDED! The only real saving virtue of the book was the humor. Jennifer and Beth are so hilarious and they remind me of random conversations I would have with my friends. I just wanted less of the build up then meeting and more of them actually being a couple. I understand that the book would have been really long if there was more of Lincoln and Beth but I just think it ended at a bad spot.

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