Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crash (Crash #1) (book 36)

I really have trouble with the Goodreads 5 star system because this book was between 3 and 4 but there is no star for that. The struggles of us poor Goodreads people, our lives are so difficult. This book is a really good, quick romantic read. It isn't really contemporary because it doesn't have that light airy feel but it is defiantly a read for when you need a quick romantic pick-me-up book. This book is for people who liked Walking Disaster. It is very similar but this one belongs to a series so you can enjoy the roller coaster of romance longer. I love these kind of books where the guy is a bad boy turned awesome boyfriend. Most girls have issues with the whole protective boyfriend thing but I find it kind of adorable (to an extent). I love the passion between Jude and Lucy. Sure it gets a bit frustrating when they keep fighting over misunderstandings. Some of their fights were a bit stupid but the whole Hooly issue I understood. Even Jude would have to admit that the situation looked really bad (he shows up at a trailer to greet a girl who has a baby named little Jude). Sure Lucy shouldn't have been following her boyfriend if she trusted him but I understand why she assumed what she did. I also don't know why Jude didn't explain to Lucy why he didn't want her to be friends with Sawyer. At first I thought he was jealous but he knew things about Sawyer that justified him wanting Lucy to stay away from him. The fact that Jude didn't tell Lucy that Sawyer was a rapist was selfish and put her in harms way. Sawyer was good at manipulating people and even though I didn't exactly like him I beloved his story until her tried to rape Lucy. He let Lucy believe that Jude was the father of Holly's son even though it was actually him. Sawyer said "some people just thrive off manipulating others" and I didn't even realize that he was talking about himself. When Jude told Lucy he loved her and then the book skipped to Lucy at college I was really upset that they never got back together. Then they went to the party and Jude was there I was beyond happy. He went to Syracuse just to be near Lucy and Lucy finally got to tell him how she felt. The fact that they were able to move beyond their family's past reinforced the strength of their relationship. I can't wait to read the next book and get my Lucy and Jude fix.

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