Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Clash (Crash #2) (book 37)

I don't have a ton to say about this book because it was pretty short and it wasn't a hate it or a love it book. It fell in place pretty well with the first book. It continued the same frustrating relationship that began in Crash. This time there wasn't a manipulative jet of a guy but instead a very manipulative, evil cheerleader. Adriana Vix is one of my most hated characters. Sure villains in other books are bad but this girl was just awfull. I also really hated her because people like her really exist. In dystopias and fantasy novels the villains have magic powers or whatever that give them an advantage but this girl just has a twisted mind and really big boobs. She was always trying to get Jude to do things that he couldn't refuse just to make Lucy jealous. She exploited her role as "spirit sister" and used it to break apart relationships. The whole post game ritual crap about the shot made me want to rip that girl's hair out of her head, which Lucy practically did. Cheers to Lucy for standing up to the B and showing her that if Adriana ever tried to get near Jude again Lucy would gladly punch her in the face. Once again in this book Jude finds himself in a situation that when seen by Lucy looks a lot like he's cheating on her. At first I was really mad at Jude because of all the people he picked Adriana to cheat with. Then when Tony finally came forward with his story I almost completely forgave Jude because really the whole thing was a HUGE misunderstanding but by then I was kind of on board with Lucy's argument. The relationship her a Jude had was a rocky one where one of them was always losing their tempers. I soon changed my mind about that though and was back on team Jude. I loved how he ran to the airport to try and stop her (I've always wanted to see one of those romantic gestures at an airport) but then Lucy ruined it with her stubbornness. And much to my surprise the person to convince Lucy that Jude was worth fight for was of all people, her mom. Lucy went all out with a ginormous romantic gesture and I was worrying for a by that Jude had given up on her. I was so excited when she heard Jude's voice, I was so ready for them to get back together... But I wasn't ready for them to get engaged. I felt it was weird that one minute she was ready to end it completely with him and the next she was getting engaged to him. I thought it was too soon for their relationship and that they had way to many issues to work out. Despot that I thought the book was overall pretty good and I enjoyed the passion that Jude and Lucy had. I hope to be able to read the final book in the series soon.

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