Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crush (Crash #3) (book 38)

I thought this was a great conclusion to the series. At the end of the last book I didn't think a proposal in their freshman year of college was a bit unrealistic. I was happy in the third book to find out that although they were engaged Lucy was in no hurry to be married before she finished college and graduated. I also liked that the book fast forwarded a couple years to the end of Jude and Lucy's college years. Jude was drafted into the NFL and Lucy was able to live on the west coast and still include dancing in her everyday life as a dance instructor. I thought their relationship in this book was the most realistic and had less to do with them being able to trust each other and instead was about them adapting to their life together as millionaires. The highlight of this book was definitely little Jude, I'm sorry I meant LJ. He provided endless entertainment and adorableness, from the time he peed in the plant to him holding cousin Annalise. I was dying picturing Lucy in the outfit that LJ had picked out for her and fell for his never ending cuteness that only a four year old can have. I loved the epilogue and how it showed that Jude and Lucy's relationship was still strong and it showed just how great a dad Jude was going to be for his little girl. If you are thinking of reading this series and you enjoyed Beautiful Disaster, you will definitely like this series.

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