Tuesday, May 6, 2014

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1) (book 40)

Before I get to the actual reviewing part I would like to satisfy everyone's need for a little man candy. May I present how I picture the dashing demon, Roth.

Your Welcome. Now moving on to the actually awesomeness of this book. You just have to trust me when I say this book is just as great as Jennifer L. Armentrout's other books, this one just takes a bit to get into the world and understand it and the characters. At first I didn't wuite get how Layla fit into this world and what eactly the Wardens were. I wasn't quite sure how everything really fir together until Roth showed up at Layla's school. By that time I had a handle on the world and how Layla interacted with the other characters. At the beginning of the story I was internally groanign because I just couldn't handle another book about a love triangle. As the book progressed it was clear to me that Layla had distinct and seperate feelings towards both Roth and Zayne. Roth was the passion but I think the only reason she had "feelings" for Zayne at the beginning of the book was becasue he was the only other person who understood her completely and paid attention to her. Once I met Roth's character adn realized he had no insidious plans I was totally on Team Roth. I was ready for Layla to ditch her Warden upbringing and take on her demon side. I didn't really like the Wardens because Zayne seemed to be the only person who accepted Layla for what she was and even he wasn't willing to go against Warden rules to embrace her. He was williing to forget her the second o pretty, elidgable Warden girl came along. He ignored her calls when Layla needed him the most. Petr, her own half-brother, was trying to kill her in the woods and the only person who would care enough to save her was ignoring her calls. Thank God for Bambi (yes a giant, demon-eating snake named Bambi)and Roth because if it wasn't for them she would have been dead. Roth was the only one actually watching out for Layla and he was supposed to be a bad guy. One of my favorite parts of the book was when Layla and Roth went to see the seer. I was not expecting the seer to be a 9 year old boy and the image cracked me up. Tony was just like any normal boy, playing videogames and talking back to his mom, yet he had the knowledge to stop the apacalypse. When he told his mom that he didn't have to worry about his eyes becasue he had "seen" that his eyes would be fine, i was dying imagining this sassy little boy and the big bad demon having a conversation. After Roth and Layla found the key I was so worried that either the Wardens had captured Roth or that he didn't trust Layla anymore. I should have been worrying baout another demon catching him because that is what happened. That battle scene was beyond great. I loved that the concieted Wardens realized they were wrong about Roth. But then I was crushed because they were really proven wrong about Roth when he sacrifised himself for Zayne. He knew that Layla would be devastated if Zayne was taken to Hell so he sacrifised himself not thinking about how that decision would kill her too. Roth was not what you expected from a demon (caring, protective, and a gardener) and I hope that the Wardens truly appreciate everything that he did for them even when they didn't realize what he was doing for them. I am happy that Bambi was left behind just becuase she is bale to comfort Layla and remind her and Zayne that Layla is Roth's. I can't wait for the next book because I want Layla to go and get Roth back. He did nothing to deserve the fate he got and I want them to be together. The cover of Stone Cold Touch shows Layla with Zayne and I am just hoping that she doesn't end up with Zayne just because Roth was thrown into the depths of Hell. I mean obviously Zayne and Layla can never really kiss and that complicates things but I just want Layla to stay loyal to Roth after all he did for her. Team Roth and Bambi all the way.

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