Monday, May 19, 2014

Sweet Reckoning (book 44)

This book was a great conclusion to the series. I think I might even go as far as to say it was the best in the trilogy. It tied up all loose ends and each character got their own little ending to their story.
1. Patti- Patti was kind of the rock of this demonic, rebelious group. She was one of the only humans yet she was one of the strongest people. She was always happy and ready to provide for anyone who needed help and love. She became a mother to Ginger and gave constant support to Anna and Kai during their rocky relationship. Her death was a bittersweet end to the series. Of course I was sad that Anna lost the only nother she had ever known but at the same time I felt peace. Patti was strong thoughout her capture and only had love for the Neph even when she was dying. The reason I accepted Patti's death was because Anna got to witness an angel coming down to take Patti to Heaven. I feel like her death was had a huge impacted on all of the Neph and it gave them the will they needed to fight the Dukes.
2. Belial- Belial finally got his happy ending and was reuinted with his fellow angels in Heaven. I guess you can technically say he died too and Anna lost her father but she knew this would happen if they succeeded. I really enjoyed Belial's character after he had taken the body of Big Rotty. I loved being able to see his mannerisms change when he changed bodies yet he was still himself. I think Anna will miss her dad but I would like to think that he would be able to contact her in some way in the future.
3. Jay and Marna- They had one of the saddest stories in this book. Jay and Marna finally expressed their love for eachother and of course something goes wrong. Marna becomes pregnant which eventually leads to her death. I had been hoping since they had rid the world of demons that Marna would live through her child's birth but sadly she passed. it was pretty sad knowing almost the whole book that Marna would die but at the same time she provided a light to the other Neph. Jay made the cutest boyfriend and the best father-to-be. Even though their daughter lost her mom she still had a great father and a great group of Neph for aunts and uncles. The only real question I had about Marna's daughters was whether she still had Neph powers. I know Anna and her friends did but I was hoping that she wouldn't feel the draw towards sin.
4. Kope and Z- They didn't really have a huge impact on this story but I was happy that Z got over her addiction and hate for men and eventually married Kope. Kope got over his feelings for Anna and found someone that truly loved him.
5. Blake and Ginger- Blake and Ginger also got their happy ending. Although they didn't get married they were finally able to be together without worrying about the Dukes. One question I had about them was,what happened to Caterina?Ginger said that Caterina could live with them but I was wondering how Caterina turned out and if she actually ended up living with Blake and Ginger.
Saving the best for last...
6. Anna and Kaidan- Anna and Kai were finally able to openly express their love. I was wondering how Anna would manage to hold off Kai and his advances while remaining pure but they found a way. THEY GOT MARRIED! I was a little worried when Kai wasn't all for the marriage at first but his reasoning was sweet. Their affection for eachother was adorable and steamy at the same time. I was also happy that Kai essentially got the blessing to marry Anna from both her real mother and her father. They also were able to have a family even though Neph can't have children without dying. They only went to adopt boys from Africa because Kai didn't want a daughter but then that little girl said he was her father in her dreams and he cried for the first time ever. I would like to think that the girl's dream was a message from heaven so that Kai would become her father. When they were all talking about what they would do first after they got rid of the Dukes I thought Kai was going to say have sex with Anna but he said the best thing he could have said. Instead he called the police to bust up the prostitution/trafficking ring that Marissa was running.
As a whole the book was fantastic! Every character got their ending, good or bad and Anna and Kai got the happily ever after they deserved

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