Tuesday, May 6, 2014

World After (book 41)

This book was kind of a let down after the first book. I'm not saying the first book was amazing but it had enough action and had such a big cliff-hanger that I expected more out of the sequel. Normally the first book does the job of laying the ground work that it doesn't have time for as much action and then by the second book you are just fully imersed into the world ad there is more room for actual plot. This book had lesssubstance and story than the first one did though. There were very few revelations and the ones there were weren't exactly mind blowing. Sure you found out that the scorpion monsters were beign made out of humans but it just wasn't enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. You findout that Belial is part of the angel politics but that could have been infered or figured out in the first book. Also there wasn't enough Raffe. he was such a strong character in the first book and there was a huge cliff hanger at the end of Angelfall when he thought Penryn was dead. I was really hoping that there would be more of him in this book. You got glimpses of him about halfway throught the book but Penryn didn't reveal herself to him until the very end. I was also hoping for more romance between the two of them. At the end of the last book Raffe seemed crushed that she had died and it also seemed like he regretted not opening up to her. When they were finally reunited I was hoping for more than the friendly relationship they continued. It was all this build up about Raffe being devastated that she was dead and all the build up to when he finally found out she was alive yet when he found out he did little more than hug her. There were moments where you could kind of see a developing romance but then it would snap right back into the "we can be friends but nothing more becasue I am an angel thing". Raffe didn't get his wings back yet either. Also Penryn's sister keeps getting weirder and weirder. It is getting really hard to see the cute little girl in a wheelchair that Paige was because no she is ripping people's throats out and eating it with her metal teeth. She is like a bipolar monster; one minute she is eating people's flesh and the next she is crying for "Ryn Ryn". There was also no further mention as to why the angels invaded Earth. I think this series is going to be very drawn out and that it will take a while for the reader to actually piece together any information. The next book isn't out til 2015 and I doubt even that book will answer many of my questions. I wasnt to find out what happens with this series but at the same time I don't feel up to reading anouther one of these books.

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