Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ignite Me (book 42)

** spoiler alert ** I thought this was a really good conclusion to the series but then again I was team Warner. I was happy with the ending but I bet a lot of Team Adam readers were a bit upset. By the end of the last book and during Fracture Me, I began to become more and more of a Team Warner person. By the beginning of Ignite Me I was completely sure of my choice. I had liked Warner before but after learning about his true motives and his true personality I forgave everything he did tobJulieete in the first book. I really loved how Juliette came to understand her past relationship with Adam. When I was reading Shatter Me I was thinking that of course she would fall in love with the first guy that showed interest in her and didn't die when she touched him. I was happy that she figured out that it wasn't really love but just an infatuation because Adam had been the first guys she could actually be with. I also liked how Warner reacted when he found out Adam was his brother at first he was mad but then he decided that they should put aside their differences and become a family of sorts because they both lived through similar abusive fathers. I enjoyed seeing how Warner reacted to James because it was cute to see how he behaved with a little kid. The only regret I have about the book was that it was the last one. Sure they won the battle and killed Anderson but it seems a little optimistic to assume they took control without any opposition or difficulty. I think it would have been better the extend the trilogy into a true series and explain how Juliette and her friends changed the Restablishment. I am sad to see this series end because Juliette and Waner were only together for the end of the book and I didn't get to read about them as much as I would have liked. I also would like to read about Kenji some more. That boy needs to get a girlfriend. I think he deserves to find happiness just as much a Juliette did. Kenji is a great character and I don't want to see his story end. Please Tahereh Mafi, write more books!
Ps. I was kind of hoping the Julieete would get to see a real bird in this book but I guess not :(
Pps. Really pretty cover!

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