Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fire Study (book 11)

** spoiler alert ** This was the best trilogy I have read in years!!! Yelena is probably the best heroine ever. She kicks ass but you can still relate to get feelings. It was also one of the best final wrap up books. It tied up all loose ends. I worried the whole series that Yelena's powers would turn out to be evil but the ending squashed any fears and showed how her magic was purely a gift. It also wrapped up the confusion I had about the commander and the weird transgender thing he had going on. The way Mara v. Snyder explained the two souls in one body this made me view the commander in a different light. Cahlil's story also finished on a good note. He didn't completely agree to step back and give up his dream of ruling Ixia but he did agree to taking a break and trying to earn his right to leadership. Overall a great book that kept me hooked and the characters were some of the best.

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