Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stolen (book 15)

I don't really know what to say about this book. When I first started reading it was repulsed by the idea that this girl, Gemma, could ever fall in love with tha man that kidnapped her, no matter how hot he was. To be completely honest, I was pretty bored in the beginning of the book. I mean sure she was kidnapped so it had some action and what not but then it kind of died out after the 20 pages or so. The only thing that was happening was her hating her captor. It hit a flat line for the next 150 pages. The only spoken in action was when we found out little bits if information about Ty, her captor. 

He opened up bit by bit showing that he was a normal human being with a really sad past. He really believed he was saving her from the corruption of the city. In the last 100 pages the story picked up so much I I was sucked in, staying up late to finish the book and see what happened. If you get bored with the book after the first 100 pages, don't give up!!! It gets so much better!

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