Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fangirl (book14)

I actually really liked this book. Normally in contempory novels if the main character doesn't met their love interest very early on I tend to get bored but this book kept me interested even though romance didn't play in until about 175 pages in and didn't really pick up for another 100 pages. 
 **spoiler alert**Despite that the book kept me interested with family tension and if course the casual family mental breakdown. The plot kept me on my toes  all of the way until the end of the book. Levi was just the most lovable character he was always smiling and happy yet he still was able to have his serious moments. I loved the way that he was reigning in his emotions for Cath because she wasn't as ready for a relationship as he was. He pushed Cath to really be the best person she could be, even if she couldn't see the potential within herself. I highly recommend this book for anyone that likes contempory novels but is looking for one that has a little more than just the average romance. 

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