Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poison Study (book 9)

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder was one of the fastest reads I've read in a while. The background is pretty much set up with in the first five pages, no waiting around to be introduced to main characters. Yelena is on death row for killing a man. Due to her country's code if the royal food taster dies, the next person scheduled to be executed is offered the job. The book immediately picks up the pace. Yelena begins her study of poisons and you are sucked into the story. The whole story is a maze of who is to be trusted and who is really loyal to you. Yelena doesn't know who to trust and it really keeps the story interesting; you never know who will turn out to have secret agendas. The book is also packed with action. Certain people don't like Yelena and that becomes even more obvious when people start trying to kill her. The effect is a story that kept me reading for long periods of time wanting to solve the mystery. Check it out! It also has two follow novels called Magic Study and Fire Study which I will be reading next!

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