Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Walking Disaster (book 17)

To be totally honest this was probably the worst book I have read this year. I know that sounds totally crazy because I just wrote about how much I loved the story told from Abby's point of view. This problem with Travis's point of view was that I was literally the same book! There was no new information that wasn't already mentioned in Beautiful Distaster. When I read Losihg hope by Coleen Hoover, it was a rebelling if a story but it was amazing. It had new plot lines that filled in gaps and changes how I viewed parts of the first book. Walking Disaster had no mind blowing new tidbits of information it literally just retold the story. It also made me really have Travis in the beginning because he was acting like a total pig. I would recommend only reading one of the books. Maybe part of my dislike was because I read essentially the same book back to back but I was bored with this one because I knew what was going to happen the whole time. Either only read one or read one and then wait a significant amount of time before reading the other point of view.

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