Monday, February 24, 2014

Beautiful Disaster (book 16)

Seriously, if you haven't read this book yet you need to. Like now. I finished Stolen yesterday morning and immediately began to read this book. I loved it so much that I stayed up really late to finish reading it. It ain't a short book either, it's at least 300 pages.
Beware There Are Spoilers Because I Rant About This Book.
 At first I kinda hated Travis Maddox. He was a real dick. He kept having sex with other girls for a while into the book and I really started to hate him because Abby just seemed like second best to him. After they made the bet though I began to like him a little more... Until he brought home not one, but two bimbos while Abby was upstairs sleeping I his bed! Seriously!! Travis wasn't doing so hot in my mind but soon I really began to like him. He was a pedal to the floor kind of boyfriend. I slowly began to love him and his over protectiveness. I was screaming (in my head) at both of them when they wanted to brake it off because neither of them " were good enough" for the other. Seriouly just grow up and get over it. If they love each other as much as they say they should be willing to fight for it; which they did eventually but it took them long enough. I am currently just starting the sequel novel Walking Disaster, the story written from Travis's point or view. So far all it has done is made me dislike Travis all over again because I keep having to read about him sizing up every girl that walks by. I am excited to read though what happens when the drama kicks in to see what really happened when Abby ran off. Oh and by the way Beautiful Disaster is going to be made into a movie!! It is scheduled to come out in 2015. I already checked for a cast and can't seem to find anything (sigh). But everybody needs to read this book by next year before the movie comes out. I guarantee you will love it!

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